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Sun Oct 11 1998

FYI: Journal "Morphe", New Prog, Finno-Ugrian List

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  1. James L. Fidelholtz, Call for the journal "Morphe"
  2. Annette Burton, Program announcement, Brown Univ.
  3. Johanna Laakso, NEW LIST for Finno-Ugrian Lang

Message 1: Call for the journal "Morphe"

Date: Thu, 8 Oct 1998 11:37:23 -0500 (CDT)
From: James L. Fidelholtz <>
Subject: Call for the journal "Morphe"

Dear colleagues:

	We cordially invite you to contribute materials to the journal
MORPHE (Language, Discourse, Culture and Cognition). _Morphe'_ is a
firmly established (15 issues), international, refereed publication,
edited by the Language Sciences Department of the Instituto de
Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades at the Universidad Auto'noma de
Puebla, in Puebla, Me'xico. We accept manuscripts in the major
European languages.
	We are currently undergoing an editorial renewal and our main
focus in the future will be discourse studies. Therefore, besides
linguistics, we will welcome submissions that analyze the discursive
processes of their objects of research, or the discursive and
explanatory assumptions of their disciplines (metatheory) within the
human and social sciences.
	We believe that specialists in Literary Studies, Pragmatics,
History, Anthropology, Education, Philosophy, Semiotics, Cognitive
Science, Sociology and other disciplines will sympathize with and echo
our desire for cooperation and dialogue.
	We would appreciate it if you would extend tyhis invitation to
all members of your department and, if you wish to peruse our journal,
please ask for complimentary copies.

Our new address is:

Calle 2 Oriente #410, Altos
72000 Puebla, Puebla, Me'xico
Fax: +52 (22) 46-2600

James L. Fidelholtz			e-mail:
Maestri'a en Ciencias del Lenguaje
Instituto de Ciencias Sociales y Humanidades
Beneme'rita Universidad Auto'noma de Puebla, ME'XICO
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Message 2: Program announcement, Brown Univ.

Date: Tue, 6 Oct 1998 12:15:38 -0400
From: Annette Burton <>
Subject: Program announcement, Brown Univ.

Brown University's Departments of Applied Mathematics, Cognitive and
Linguistic Sciences, and Computer Science announce





Deadline for Applications: January 1, 1999

Brown University is actively recruiting graduate students for a new
NSF-supported Interdisciplinary Graduate Education, Research and
Training (IGERT) program in "Learning and Action in the Face of
Uncertainty: Cognitive, Computational and Statistical Approaches".

The use of probabilistic models and statistical methods has had a
major impact on our understanding of language, vision, action, and
reasoning. This training program provides students with the
opportunity to integrate a detailed study of human or artificial
systems for language acquisition and use, visual processing, action,
and reasoning with appropriate mathematical and computational models.
Students will be enrolled in one of the three participating
departments (Applied Mathematics, Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences,
and Computer Science) and will study an interdisciplinary program of
courses in topics such as statistical estimation, cognitive processes,
linguistics, and computational models. The aim of this program is to
provide promising students with a mix of mathematical, computational
and experimental expertise to carry out multidisciplinary
collaborative research across the disciplines of Applied Mathematics,
Computer Science, and Cognitive Science.

Interested students should apply to the participating department
closest to their area of interest and expertise, and should indicate
their interest in the IGERT training program in their application. 
Brown University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. 

For additional information about the program, application procedures,
and ongoing research initiatives please visit our website at:

or contact 

 Dr. Julie Sedivy 					
 Department of Cognitive & Linguistic Sciences
 Brown University, Box 1978
 Providence, RI 02912

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Message 3: NEW LIST for Finno-Ugrian Lang

Date: Wed, 7 Oct 1998 14:04:16 +0300 (EET DST)
From: Johanna Laakso <>
Subject: NEW LIST for Finno-Ugrian Lang

Since there is obviously no international list for linguistic research
into the Uralic languages (FINNUGR-L maintained at Berkeley (if I remember
it right) seems to have died a premature death) and because I believe
there are Uralists about who are too busy to follow the newsgroups or too
loosely linked to the Internet to use means other than e-mail - I have
founded something that could grow into an international e-mail list for
Uralic language studies.

The first internationally relevant issue to motivate this new list is the
emerging new standard for the implementation of Finno-Ugrian diacritics
and special characters into UNICODE, as suggested recently by Klaas
Ruppel, Michael Everson and Trond Trosterud (and passively but
sympathetically supported, I believe, by the Finno-Ugrian Department of
the University of Helsinki and the Finno-Ugrian Society). I believe other
questions and themes will surface, too. Join URA-LIST!

URA-LIST will be placed at the listserver of the University of Helsinki.
To join the list, send a message with the words
"subscribe ura-list", followed by your e-mail address (e.g. "subscribe
ura-list"), as the first line of the message text
part. (Other lines of the message text, as well as the "Subject:" line,
will be ignored.)

Information about URA-LIST will also appear on my link page (warmly
recommended to all colleagues:

The rest depends on you! Welcome (and bring your friends and colleagues,

- -------- Johanna Laakso <Johanna.LaaksoHelsinki.FI> ----------------
- ------- Helsingin yliopisto, Suomalais-ugrilainen laitos ------------
- --------------- -------------------
"-- osta idille leipkone! Mit jrke siin on? itihn ON leipkone!"
 - Liisa Hakola, Sukupuolten sota
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