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Fri Sep 25 1998

Qs: Chibchan, Phrasal Verbs, Celtic, Usage

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  1. ECOLING, Chibchan
  2. Stefan Thomas Gries, Frequency of phrasal verbs
  3. curtis gwinn, Continental Celtic Inscription -
  4. Paulette B. Nolan, Usage: "Give us a call"

Message 1: Chibchan

Date: Wed, 23 Sep 1998 10:36:54 EDT
From: ECOLING <>
Subject: Chibchan

Can someone refer me to recent bibliography
of the Chibchan language family,
centered in Costa Rica, Panama, and Columbia?

Questions like: 

Good materials on individual languages, dictionaries,
grammars, comparative reconstruction within Chibchan?

Names of specialists working in this field?

Links to culture areas, archaeology, ethnology,

External relationships of the Chibchan family,
to Mayan, Paezan, isolates, or anything else?

Evaluations of Greenberg's materials in this area?

These questions are simply to accumulate all information
which can help in shifting from what has been called an
"Intermediate Area" (between Mesoamerica and the Andes)
to a real field of "Chibchan studies". 

I will be very grateful for all help,
and will be happy to reciprocate with a compilation of
what I find. Please give your postal address as well
as email, in case I find it easier to reply in that way.

My postal address, in case you have things you can 
send that way, is:

Lloyd Anderson
Ecological Linguistics
PO Box 15156
Washington, DC 20003
(202) 547-7678
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Message 2: Frequency of phrasal verbs

Date: Wed, 23 Sep 1998 16:42:06 +0200
From: Stefan Thomas Gries <>
Subject: Frequency of phrasal verbs

Dear fellow linguists,

I am currently working on a study which is, among other things,
concerned with transitive phrasal verbs that may undergo what has in
Transformational Grammar been called Particle Movement (cf. (1) and
(2) as opposed to, e.g., (3)):

(1) a. John picked up the book.
 b. John picked the book up.
(2) a. Fran blew out the candle.
 b. Fran blew the candle out.
(3) a. Fred ran up the hill.
 b. *Fred ran the hill up.

I now have three questions:

a) I need some information on the frequency of transitive phrasal
verbs in common everyday (spoken and written) English. So far, I have
found some word lists, but the frequency lists I found do not list
phrasal verbs such as 'pick up' as a single entity rather than only
counting their respective parts. The problem is that, due to the
possibility of separating the verb from the particle, one cannot
simply make a new word list by using WordSmith Tools or similar
software. In other words, does anybody know of word lists that contain
each of those verbs under a single entry?

b) Does anybody know of publications containing lists of verbs that
can undergo Particle Movement (other than, e.g. Live 1965) and those
that can undergo Dative Movement (other than Green 1974 or Mazurkewich

c) I would like to learn something about the classification of idioms
in the Laboratoire d'Automatique Documentaire et Linguistiqu
(L.A.D.L.) at the Universit de Paris 7. Therefore, can anybody tell
me something about this project or give me the email addresses of
Peter A. Machonis and Peter Freckleton?

I will, of course, post a summary of the responses I get.
Thanks a lot in

Stefan Th. Gries


P r i v a t / H o m e :
Kraepelinweg 27
22081 Hamburg
Deutschland / Germany
Phone / Tel. / Fax: ++49 40 29822816

B u e r o / O f f i c e :
Seminar fuer Englische Sprache und Kultur
Universitaet Hamburg
Von-Melle-Park 6
20146 Hamburg

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Message 3: Continental Celtic Inscription -

Date: Wed, 23 Sep 1998 20:42:34 -0700
From: curtis gwinn <>
Subject: Continental Celtic Inscription -

Does anyone have any information on recent discoveries (1990-present)
of Continental Celtic inscriptions? I have heard mentioned a new text
called the Charbeauneu tile--can anyone help ?

Christopher Gwinn
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Message 4: Usage: "Give us a call"

Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1998 09:27:22 -0400 (EDT)
From: Paulette B. Nolan <>
Subject: Usage: "Give us a call"

I would like to know if anyone can tell me if the phrase "Give us a
call" is in nineteenth century American Engligh usage. If so, please
give me references.

Thank you
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