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Mon Sep 14 1998

Calls: HIL Phonology 4, PRAGMA99

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  1. Jeroen van de Weijer, HIL Phonology 4
  2. Ziv Yael, PRAGMA99

Message 1: HIL Phonology 4

Date: Mon, 14 Sep 1998 13:28:55 +100
From: Jeroen van de Weijer <>
Subject: HIL Phonology 4

Second and final call for papers:

HIL/Leiden University will host the 4th HIL Phonology Conference,
HILP 4, from 28-30 January, 1999.

Call for papers
Abstracts are invited in all areas of phonology, and particularly
on the conference theme:

 "How phonetic is phonology?"
- to what extent can phonology be derived from phonetics?
- where does phonology stop and phonetics begin?
- how concrete is phonology?

Besides the main conference, there will be three workshops.
Workshop themes will be: 1) The role of paradigmatic relations 
in phonology (Is analogy a synchronic device and if so, how is 
it expressed?) 2) Iconicity (Is iconicity a synchronic device 
and if so, how is it expressed?) 3) Lexical insertion and 
phonology (Does the insertion of phonological information and 
other grammatical information take place at different levels or 
stages of the derivation?)

Please submit six copies of an abstract of maximally three pages
(including examples and references) before 1 October 1998. One
abstract should identify author and affiliation. The program will
be announced on 1 November. Please submit to:

 HILP 4 Committee
 P.O. Box 9515
 2300 RA Leiden
 The Netherlands

Abstracts submitted by e-mail before 1 October (ASCII only) will 
be accepted on the condition that a hard copy follows within a 

For information concerning the programme, hotel information and
e-mail :
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Message 2: PRAGMA99

Date: Mon, 14 Sep 98 13:47:00 PDT
From: Ziv Yael <ZivHUM.HUJI.AC.IL>
Subject: PRAGMA99

 2nd Call for Papers


 International Pragmatics Conference on
 June 13-16, 1999
 Tel Aviv University and Hebrew University of Jerusalem
 Tel Aviv and Jerusalem

The main theme of this conference is the pragmatics of negotiation,
interpreted in a very broad sense. Interlocutors engage in negotiations
about every aspect of their interaction - such as floor access and topic
selection, contextual assumptions, conversational goals, and the
(mis)interpretation and repair of their messages. Topics such as
cross-cultural and cross-gender (mis)communications, conversational
procedures in disputes and collaborations, argumentation practices, and
effects of assumptions and goals on the negotiating strategies of
interlocutors are of special interest for this conference.

The conference will be interdisciplinary, bringing together pragmaticists,
linguists, philosophers, anthropologists, sociologists and political
scientists. We are soliciting papers on all issues relevant to the theme
of the conference, as well as papers in other areas of pragmatics and
dialogue analysis.

The conference will include plenary addresses, regular session lectures,
and organized panels around any of the relevant topics. Among the plenary
speakers: Elinor Ochs (UCLA), Itamar Rabinovitch (Tel Aviv University),
Emanual Schegloff (UCLA), Thomas Schelling (University of Maryland),
Deborah Schiffrin (Georgetown University), Deborah Tannen (Georgetown
University), Ruth Wodak (University of Vienna).

Presentation of regular session lectures is 30 minutes long, with a
subsequent discussion of 10 minutes. Panels take the form of a series of
closely related lectures on a specific topic, which may or may not be
directly related to the special topic of the conference. They may consist
of one, two or three units of 120 minutes. Within each panel unit a
maximum of four 20-minute presentations are given consecutively, followed
by a minimum of 30 minutes of discussion (either devoted entirely to an
open discussion, or taken up in part by comments by a discussant or
discussants). Panels are composed of contributions attracted by panel
organizers, combined with individually submitted papers when judged
appropriate by the Program Committee in consultation with the panel
organizers. Typically, written versions or extensive outlines of all panel
contributions should be available before the conference to facilitate

Abstracts for papers and panels should be submitted in the following
1. For papers - five copies of an anonymous abstract (up to 300 words).
2. For panels - a preliminary proposal of one page, detailing title, area
of interest, name of organizer(s) and invited participants to be sent by
Sept. 30, 1998. Organizers of approved panels will then be invited to
submit a full set of abstracts, including: a. a brief description of the
topic area, b. a list of participants (with full details, see below), c.
abstracts by each of the participants by November 1, 1998.
3. In all cases, a page stating: a. title, b. audiovisual/computer
request, and c. for each author: I. Full name and affiliation; II. Current
address; III. E-mail address; IV. Fax number.

Deadline for submission of abstracts: Nov. 1, 1998. Abstracts may be sent
by hard copy, disk, or e-mail to Pragma99, Faculty of Humanities, Tel Aviv
University, Tel Aviv 69978, ISRAEL. E-mail:
Date of notification: March 1, 1999.

PROGRAM COMMITTEE: Mira Ariel, Hava Bat-Zeev Shyldkrot, Jonathan Berg,
Anat Biletzki, Shoshana Blum-Kulka, Marcelo Dascal, Nomi Erteschik-Shir,
Tamar Katriel, Ruth Manor, George-Elia Sarfati, Elda Weizman, Yael Ziv.


Please send the following information, accompanied by cheque payable to
Tel-Aviv University in the amount of US$75 if paid before November 1,
1998, otherwise US$100, to

 Faculty of Humanities
 Tel Aviv University
 Tel Aviv 69978, ISRAEL

Dr./Mr./Mrs./Ms./ Name:__________________________






Signature:_____________________ Date:________________

Those wishing to pay by credit card should provide the following

 Type of Credit Card: Mastercard/Visa/American Express

 Name as it appears on Credit Card:

 Sum of Paymnt: US$__________

 Card No.________________________

 Expiration Date: __________________

 Date:_______________ Signature: _____________________

Those wishing to present a paper should follow the instructions above.
Hotel information will be provided after registration.
The International Association for Dialogue Analysis is co-sponsoring a
part of our conference, which will be devoted to "Negotiation as a
Dialogic Concept." For further information, contact Edda Weigand (e-mail:


[Forms can also be returned by fax to 972-3-6407839, or by e-mail to . ]

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