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Wed Sep 2 1998

Qs: Scope, Dialect database, Statistics programs

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  1. Vincent DeCaen, negative scope?
  2. Daniel Long, dialect databases, computerized atlases
  3. Viola L'Hommedieu, F1 and F2

Message 1: negative scope?

Date: Tue, 1 Sep 1998 08:17:19 -0400 (EDT)
From: Vincent DeCaen <>
Subject: negative scope?

discussions of scope and negation contrast two positions for the
negative, e.g, "it is possible not to breathe" vs. "it is not possible
to breathe." but they leave out "it is not possible not to breathe."

my question, is it possible to stack negatives with modal verbs, say,
in Italian: non deve andare, deve non andare, but also non deve non
andare? I'm assuming so, but it would be helpful to have this
confirmed. thanks.

Vincent DeCaen, Ph.D.		 	 	 <>
Faculty of Information Studies, University of Toronto

Hebrew Syntax Encoding Initiative
c/o Deparment of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations
4 Bancroft Ave., 2d floor, University of Toronto, Toronto ON, M5S 1A1
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Message 2: dialect databases, computerized atlases

Date: Wed, 02 Sep 1998 15:18:10 +0900
From: Daniel Long <>
Subject: dialect databases, computerized atlases

I would like to compile a list (or find one it if it already exists) of
computerized dialect databases, or computerized atlases, including those
in the construction or even planning stages. Other pertinent
information, such as the names and email addresses of the scholars
involved, and websites where they may be posting updates on the project
would also be appreciated.

I am looking for information on any language and any dialect. I'll be
able to post a summary in a month or so. I plan to send this request to
the LINGUIST list. If you would like to repost this request to any
other lists and have people get in touch with me directly, that too
would be appreciated.

Danny Long
Daniel Long, Associate Professor tel +81-6-723-8297
Japanese Language Research Center fax +81-6-723-8302
Osaka Shoin Women's College
4-2-26 Hishiyanishi
Higashi-Osaka-shi, Osaka Japan 577-8550
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Message 3: F1 and F2

Date: Wed, 02 Sep 1998 16:02:58 +0200
From: Viola L'Hommedieu <>
Subject: F1 and F2

Hi everybody,

As a newcomer to the field of linguistics, I am having trouble with 
some statistical concepts. Is there anybody who can teach me about the 
distinction between F1 and F2 for ANOVAs and in particular how F2 can 
be calculated by means of the statistics program SPSS?
Thanks for your cooperation.

 Viola L'Hommedieu
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