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Tue Jun 10 1997

All: News from LINGUIST

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Message 1: News from LINGUIST

Date: Tue, 10 Jun 1997 14:56:47 -0400
From: The LINGUIST List <>
Subject: News from LINGUIST

Dear Subscribers:

We would like to announce a number of new features on LINGUIST and to
request your help in establishing a web-searchable directory of

To initiate the latter, we have set up a submission form on our 
website at:
We ask that you access the form and submit the information requested
about your affiliation, addresses, and research and teaching interests. The
form is also accessible from the directory page at: 

The data collected will shortly be made keyword- and field-searchable, so
that you will be able to use the directory to find, e.g., all the linguists
in Sweden who teach discourse, or all the American linguists in psychology 
departments, as well as information on a specific linguist. Linguists who
submit information will be asked to choose a password and use it to update
the information periodically. 

Like all LINGUIST List data-collection efforts, however, the success
of the Directory depends on your cooperation. If many linguists
submit information, it will be a very useful resource. So please take
the time to enter information about your professional interests, as
well as to spread the word among your colleagues.

We would also like to call your attention to some new LINGUIST
services and web-site improvements:

1) The Ask-A-Linguist service is now in operation. We've been very
pleased at the public response (we received questions even before we
announced it officially) and we think the quality of the panel's
answers is impressive. Take a look at "Review Past Questions and
Answers" at the URL

and see for yourself.

2) Some months back we put in place a new homepage, which contains
links to all the LINGUIST List datasources. Some of you told us that
it's useful to have links to everything from a single page, but that
it would be helpful to have more information about the links.

So we have been writing "index pages" for each of the subcategories,
e.g., The Profession, Research and Research Support, Publication,
Pedagogy. If you click on one of these headers on the LINGUIST
homepage, you will access an index page which offers a fuller
description of the linked resources in each category, as well as
cross-listings to other categories. Please take a look at the index
pages currently available at:

In the USA:
In Western Europe:
In Russia:

We would appreciate your comments and suggestions for improvement.

3) We now have year-by-year indexes of the job announcements posted on 
LINGUIST. These can be accessed via our homepage or directly at:

The job listings can be displayed in either chronological or reverse
chronological order.

4) And, finally, we have set up a Topics page on Altaic. It can
be found at:

If any of you have suggestions or material that would enhance
the usefulness of this page (e.g., bibliographies or reference lists,
short articles on Altaic, maps), we would be grateful for these. 

We hope these innovations will make LINGUIST more useful to you.

- Helen, Anthony, Daniel
 LINGUIST Moderators
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