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Fri Mar 28 1997

Calls: Lexicon Driven info, Pidgin/Creole

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  1. Paola Velardi, Worshop on Lexicon Driven Information Extraction
  2. Linguist%ling%SSA, Pidgin/Creole society

Message 1: Worshop on Lexicon Driven Information Extraction

Date: Mon, 24 Mar 97 21:17:19 +0100
From: Paola Velardi <>
Subject: Worshop on Lexicon Driven Information Extraction

 * *
 * International Workshop *
 * *
 * July 16, 1997 *
 * Frascati (Roma), Italy *
 * *
 * *

 * *


A workshop entitled "Lexicon driven Information Extraction" will be held in
Frascati, near Roma, in conjunction with the International School on
Extraction SCIE97.

Selected papers from the proceedings of the workshop will be considered for
publication as a volume in the Studies in NLP Series published by Cambridge
University Press


Linguistic techniques and theories are playing a strong role in the
emerging technology of information extraction (IE), which is not to be
confused with the more mature technology of Information Retrieval,
which selects a relevant subset of documents from a larger set. IE
extracts information from the text of documents, normally from
available electronic sources such as news wires.The technology is now
coming on to the marketnd is of great interest to information end-user
industries of all kinds, especially finance companies, banks,
publishers as well as governments.

The algorithms to do IE are dependent on a range of forms of
linguistic information-- morphological, syntactic and semantic--in
addition to a domain model, but this information (especially semantic
and domain knowledge) is often manually built "ad hoc" for specific
sublanguages and knowledge extraction tasks.

The workshop especially welcomes contributions that address the
problem of defining automatic techniques to push the boundaries of IE
technology from its present template and domain-limited technolgy.
Areas of interest are: customizing template construction, adapting
lexicons to domains, acquisition of domain-dependent knowledge for IE
(new words, new senses of words, new constructions).

Roberto Basili (University of Roma II, Italy)
Branimir Boguraev (Apple Computer, Cupertino)
Ralph Grishman (NYU, USA)
Maria Teresa Pazienza (University of Roma II, Italy)
Costas Spyropulos (NCSR, Greece)
Barbara Vauth (University of Fribourg)
Paola Velardi (University of Roma I,Italy)
Yorick Wilks (University of Sheffield, England)



 Papers should not exceed 4000 words and 10 pages.


 Three hard copies should be sent to:

 Paola Velardi
 Dipartimento di Scienza dell'Informazione
 via Salaria 113
 00198 Roma

 Electronic submission is also possible.
 Latex and Word (ver. 5 or 6) per Mac submissions must be sent to a
 special FTP site:
 user: LDIE97
 password : !workshop
 (available from april 15 to may 5)
 Please send ALSO a message to:
 Paola Velardi


 Authors should send an info email to Paola Velardi
 ( filling in the form below:

# NAME : Name of first author
# TITLE: Title of the paper
# PAGES: Number of pages
# FILES: Name of file (if also submitted electronically)
# NOTE : Anything you'd like to add
# KEYS : Keywords
# EMAIL: Email of the first author
# ABSTR: Abstract of the paper
# . . . . . .


 Paper Submission Deadline 5 May 1997
 (Hard Copy/Electronic)
 Paper Notification 10 Jun 1997
 Camera-Ready Papers Due 25 Jun 1997
 LDIE workshop 16 Jul 1997


Frascati is a charming village nearby Roma. The workshop location can
be reached from Roma via train or bus or car (about halfan hour
trip). Accomodations are also possible in the Frascati area. More
information will be provided in subsequent messages.

Prof. Paola Velardi
Dipartimento di Scienza dell'Informazione
via Salaria 113
Universita' "La Sapienza"

00198 Roma
ph. +39-(0)6-49918356
fax +39-(0)6-8541842 8841964
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Message 2: Pidgin/Creole society

Date: Tue, 25 Mar 97 10:14:31 PST
From: Linguist%ling%SSA <>
Subject: Pidgin/Creole society

CALL for PAPERS **** Deadline: July 31, 1997 ****

 Society for Pidgin and Creole Languages

Place/Venue: New York (in conjunction with LSA)

Date: January 9-10, 1998

Deadline for receipt of abstracts: July 31, 1997

The Society for Pidgin and Creole Languages will meet in New York,
January 9-10, 1998, in conjunction with the annual meeting of the
Linguistic Society of America at

The Grand Hyatt
Park Avenue at Grand Central
New York, NY l00l7

Single/Double occupancy $89.00 / $99.00

Phone: (212) 883-1234
FAX: (212) 697-3772

Abstracts for a 20-minute paper on phonology, morphology, syntax,
semantics, lexicon, social aspects of language, history of the
discipline or any pertinent issue involving pidgin and creole
languages are invited for anonymous review by a five member panel.


Two abstracts of different length should be submitted:

(1) A short, publishable abstract for the 1998 LSA Meeting Handbook
(for format specifications, see attached form or the December 1997 LSA
(2) a longer, single spaced one-page version of the abstract (the
panel of reviewers will use this abstract for evaluating your


Your name, address, affiliation, status (student, faculty) E-mail
address, FAX, and phone number should appear on a separate page.
Please also indicate whether you need audio-visual equipment
(overhead projector, tape recorder, etc.).


Membership in SPCL includes a subscription to the Journal of Pidgin &
Creole Languages (only one member within the same household need
subscribe to the journal). The cost for both membership and the
journal is US $58.00 or Dutch guilder (Hfl.) 97.00 per year.
Students may participate in the conference without subscribing to the
journal, but they must be a member of the SPCL. Regular membership
dues and subscriptions should be sent to John Benjamins Publishing
Company (address below). Students opting not to subscribe to the
journal should send the $8.00 membership fee directly to Prof. A.
Schwegler at UC Irvine (address below).

John Benjamins B.V.
Amsteldijk 44 - P.O. Box 75577
1070 AN Amsterdam / HOLLAND
John Benjamins N.A. Inc.
P.O Box 27519 - 821 Bethlehem Pike
Philadelphia, PA 19118 (USA)

(Note: e-mail submissions cannot be accepted)

Prof. Armin Schwegler
Department of Spanish & Portuguese
University of California, Irvine
Irvine, CA 92697-5275 (USA)

phone: (714) 824-6901 office
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