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Tue Mar 4 1997

Qs: Thursday, Members list, Zulu, ID Lang

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  1. Lee Hartman, R = Thursday (levity)
  2. Waruno Mahdi, Query: members list
  3. Sibusisiwe Dube, ZULU L2 RESEARCH
  4. Pedro de Cuba, ID Language.

Message 1: R = Thursday (levity)

Date: Mon, 24 Feb 1997 00:32:38 -0600 (CST)
From: Lee Hartman <>
Subject: R = Thursday (levity)

 Can anyone tell me if there is a language in which the word
for 'Thursday' begins with /r/? Our university schedule abbreviates
the days of the week as "MTWRF" -- a novel solution to the problem of
Tuesday and Thursday beginning with the same letter.
 Maybe it's about time English adopted a loanword among
the days of the week.

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Lee Hartman
Dept. of Foreign Languages
Southern Illinois University
Carbondale, IL 62901-4521
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Message 2: Query: members list

Date: Tue, 25 Feb 1997 17:04:39 +0100
From: Waruno Mahdi <>
Subject: Query: members list

For some time, I have been keeping a Members list of LINGUIST List
subscribers (as also the same of other mailing lists) attached to
my WWW homepage, with the aim of making us linguists more readily
accessible to each other. I did not have afterthoughts of perhaps
breaching on people's privacy, because

(a) anyone wishing to do so could get such a list from the
 corresponding listserver, so that I wasn't making something
 public, which was meant for members only (retrieving the
 memberslist from the listserver is not limited to members only),
and (b) the lists I kept only included the "non-concealed" members --
 all lists in question provide the possibility for members to
 keep their memberships concealed (for LINGUIST,

 send a message to:
 consisting of the line: SET CONCEAL

However, I have just been approached by a member with the following

> I am writing to request that you remove the list of subscribers
> to the linguist list from your website. I have recently been sent
> some unwanted junk e-mail, and I suspect that the sender got my
> name from the list you've made available on your website.


> I hope you will preserve the privacy of fellow subscribers to the
> linguist listserv by removing that link.

I would like first of all to apologize to this fellow member, as well
as to any other members who might have made the same unpleasant
experience. I have temporarily made the memberslist at my web site

At the same time, I would appreciate some opinion on this question
from the administrators of LINGUIST List, as well as from fellow
members (particularly from those, who likewise feel their privacy
impaired; I am NOT opting for an avalanch of memberslist supporters to
use as alibi for continuing to keep the list open). I will in any case
post a summary before making any final decisions on the further fate
of the memberslist at my web site.

Regards, Waruno

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Waruno Mahdi tel: +49 30 8413-5301/-5408
Faradayweg 4-6 fax: +49 30 8413-3155
14195 Berlin email:
Germany WWW:
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Date: Mon, 3 Mar 1997 14:48:02 +0000
From: Sibusisiwe Dube <>

To all linguist list subscribers,
I am a research student investigating the acquisition of Zulu (an 
African language spoken in South Africa and its neighbouring states) 
by native speakers of English. I am encountering problems in that 
there seems to be no litrature ( or very little of it) about the syntax 
of Zulu using current linguistic analyses such as GB or the Principles and 
Parameters account. Please if there is anyone who can help me with 
literature on Zulu syntax or studies on Zulu second language, I would 
be very grateful for any information regarding the study of 
Zulu as a second language or anything about its syntactic analysis.

Busi Dube
Department Of Applied Linguistics
University Of Edinburgh
14 Buccleuch Place
Edinburgh EH8 9LN
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Message 4: ID Language.

Date: Mon, 03 Mar 1997 22:24:28 -0800
From: Pedro de Cuba <>
Subject: ID Language.

Hi Ladies and Gentlemen:

I'm in possession of a ceramic bowl made by the SOCIETE CERAMIQUE in
Maastricht. Holland. There appears an inscription tha reads as
follows: Afi eni ti nti rare. Can anyone identify the
language/dialect and help me decipher what the phrase states.


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