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Wed Dec 17 1997

Calls: Trends/Tendances 98, Tense and Mood Selection

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  1. Chantal Dion, Trends/Tendances 98
  2. Pianesi Fabio, Tense and Mood Selection

Message 1: Trends/Tendances 98

Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 13:37:27 -0500 (EST)
From: Chantal Dion <>
Subject: Trends/Tendances 98

Announcement of an international conference on second language
learning and Teaching and notification of an extended deadline for the
Call for Papers.

New deadline: January 30th

Conference general information:

Trends/Tendances 98

International conference
on Second Language Teaching and Learning

20-23 May, 1998

Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada

website : www.carleton/ca/slals/trends_tendances98/

This conference is hosted by

The French Departement and SLALS at Carleton University Centre for
Research on Language Teaching and Learning (CREAL) 

University of Ottawa Canadian Association of Applied Linguistics

This conference is designed for

Second language teachers, teacher trainers and curriculum designers
Researchers in second language acquisition, pedagogy and in applied
linguistics and applied language studies Researchers in applications
of technical innovations in second language teaching

Due to the interruption of Canadian Postal Services last November, the
organizing committee invites MORE proposals for papers, workshops and
colloquia in the following areas

Current theories of second language acquisition
Second language curriculum design
Contributions of cognitive science to language learning
New directions in language teacher training
Language learners of the future
The impact of technological developments in languiage classrooms
New approaches in second language teaching and learning

The Keynote Speakers are:

Diane Larsen-Freeman
Rebecca Oxford
Roy Lyster
Vivian Cook
Michel Paradis
Henri Besse
Larry Vandergrift
Peter Liddell

**For more information on the possible format of proposal (PAPERS, 60

ATTENTION: Yes, there will be publishing of selected proceedings!

Minimal technical requirements for submitting proposals

send before January 30th to address below on DISK /and/ by fax, email
or regular postal service


Department of French
Carleton University
1125 Colonel By drive
Ottawa Ontario
Canada KIS 5B6

telephone (613) 520-2600 ext. 7090
Fax : (613) 520-2149

*For registration fees , Early Registration (March 31st) and
registration forms; for limited on-Campus accommodation:

please consult our WEB site

*For Guest Speakers bionotes:

please consult our WEB SITE
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Message 2: Tense and Mood Selection

Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 17:07:34 +0100
From: Pianesi Fabio <>
Subject: Tense and Mood Selection


		The Syntax and Semantics of Tense
			and Mood Selection

			July 2-4, 1998

		 University of Bergamo, Italy

	Organised by:	A. Giorgi (University of Bergamo, Italy)
			F. Pianesi (IRST - Trento, Italy)

The Department of Linguistics of the University of Bergamo (Italy) is
organising an international conference on the syntax and semantics of
tense and mood selection. The conference intends to provide a forum
addressing issues concerning formal syntax and semantics,
morphosyntax, acquisition theory, the syntax/semantics interface,
together with philosophical issues. A possible, though not exhaustive,
list of topics includes:

	- Consecutio temporum (SOT) et modorum;
	- Indicative vs. subjunctive;
	- Finite vs. non-finite verbal forms;
	- Double access reading (DAR);
	- Temporal anaphora;
	- Tense and mood in relative and adverbial clauses;
	- The syntax and semantics of conditionals;
	- The role of aspectuality and of aktionsarten in tense and
		mood selection.

The conference will feature invited talks by the following scholars:
D. Abusch, A. Bonomi, G. Cinque, I. Heim (to be confirmed),
J. Higginbotham, S. Iatridou, H. Kamp, T. Stowell, A. von Stechow.


The organisers welcome submissions for 40 minute presentations (with
10 additional minutes for discussion).

Hardcopy submission: Authors should send 5 anonymous copies, plus an
additional copy including authors' name, address, affiliation, phone
number and e-mail. Abstracts should be no more than 2 pages long,
including examples and references. Please use the following address:

	Fabio Pianesi - IRST - 38050, Povo - Italy

Electronic submissions: The organisers strongly encourage electronic
(ASCII, RTF or LATEX) submissions to the address below. Those wishing
to do so are, nevertheless, required to send one hardcopy of their
paper by ordinary mail, complete with authors' name, address and
affiliation, to be included in the conference proceedings, in case of

	address for electronic abstracts:

No fax submissions will be accepted

Abstracts should reach the addresses above by February 20, 1998.

Abstracts not conforming to the above specifications will be rejected
without reviewing.


The conference organisation will be able to provide lodgings for one
author of each accepted paper. Additional fundings might be available
to contribute to the travel expenses in selected cases.

			Summary of important dates

	Deadline for submission of abstracts: February 20, 1998

	Notification of acceptance: April 10, 1998

	Conference program: April 1998

	Conference: July 2-4, 1998

For any information about the conference, please contact
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