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Fri Aug 29 1997

Calls: BLS Conference, Artificial Intelligence

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  1. Berkeley Linguistics Society, Berkeley Linguistics Society, Conference 24
  2. ecai98, ECAI-98 #1: CALL FOR PAPERS

Message 1: Berkeley Linguistics Society, Conference 24

Date: Thu, 28 Aug 1997 17:33:18 -0700 (PDT)
From: Berkeley Linguistics Society <>
Subject: Berkeley Linguistics Society, Conference 24

BLS 24

The Berkeley Linguistics Society is pleased to announce its Twenty-Fourth
Annual Meeting, to be held February 14-16, 1998. The conference will
consist of a General Session and a Parasession on Saturday and Sunday,
followed by a Special Session on Monday.

General Session: The main session will cover areas of general linguistic
Invited speakers:
	STEPHEN PINKER, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
	LEN TALMY, University at Buffalo
	ANNA WIERZBICKA, Australian National University

Parasession: Phonological Universals and Phonetics.

The parasession will accept papers bearing on all aspects of the
relationship between Phonological Universals and Phonetics, where
"universals" can be interpreted broadly. To what extent are phonological
universals predicted or motivated by phonetic factors including, but not
restricted to; articulatory constraints, aerodynamic properties of sound,
or storage mechanisms of phonetic information? Conversely, what do
phonological universals predict about synchronic and diachronic phonetics?
What might the difference be between phonological and phonetic universals?

Invited speakers:
	PATRICE BEDDOR, University of Michigan
	BJORN LINDBLOM, University of Stockholm and University of Texas,
	IAN MADDIESON, University of California at Los Angeles
	JOHN OHALA, University of California, Berkeley
	MARIA-JOSEP SOLE, University of Barcelona</ul>

Special Session: Indo-European Subgrouping and Internal Relations.

The Special Session will feature research on Indo-European subgrouping and
internal relations from any framework, including formal, functional,
cognitive, sociolinguistic, and historical approaches. In the last twenty
years we have come to understand the internal diachrony of Hittite, which
has begun to make clear some of the desiderata Anatolian imposes on any
theory of PIE. But new archaeological evidence has also been very
prominent both for Italic and Celtic, which has generated a lot of new
work on the very early (reconstructed) histories of both branches and on
their internal linguistic relations, their relation to each other, and
their relation to their neighbors (e.g. Germanic). Additionally, there has
been an immense amount of work on the prehistory of Tocharian, which has
in turn led to some reconsideration of its position in the family tree.
All in all, most especially in the analysis of the IE verbal system, but
also in other areas, there is a fair amount of recent work which
assumes/implies highly divergent subgroupings of the IE family.

Invited speakers:
	JAY JASANOFF, Cornell University
	CRAIG MELCHERT, University of North Carolina
	DON RINGE, University of Pennsylvania

We encourage proposals from diverse theoretical frameworks and welcome
papers from related disciplines, such as Anthropology, Cognitive Science,
Computer Science, Literature, Philosophy, and Psychology.

Papers presented at the conference will be published in the Society's
Proceedings, and authors who present papers agree to provide camera-ready
copy (not to exceed 12 pages) by May 15, 1998. Presentations will be
allotted 20 minutes with 10 minutes for questions. We ask that you make
your abstract as specific as possible, including a statement of your topic
or problem, your approach, and your conclusions. 

An author may submit at most one single and one joint abstract. In case
of joint authorship, one address should be designated for communication
with BLS. Send abstracts to: BLS 24 Abstract Committees, 2337 Dwinelle
Hall, University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720-2650. Abstracts for the
general session, special session, and parasession must be received by 4:00
p.m., November 7, 1997. We may be contacted by e-mail at 

Registration Fees: Before February 7, 1998; $15 for students, $30 for
non-students; after February 7, 1998; $20 for students, $35 for

For more specific information about submission procedures, please visit
the BLS web site at, email
us at, or call us at 510/642-5808.

Berkeley Linguistics Society
2337 Dwinelle Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720

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Message 2: ECAI-98 #1: CALL FOR PAPERS

Date: Fri, 29 Aug 1997 01:22:19 +0100
From: ecai98 <>
Subject: ECAI-98 #1: CALL FOR PAPERS

 ______ _____ ___
 | | / \ /\ | |
 | ---| | ___| /__\ |___| __ ,-
 | ---| | | / \ | | / || |
 |______| \_____/ /______\ |___| `-/ \'
 / / \
 AUGUST 23-28 1998 BRIGHTON UK ( `-'


The ECAI-98 Programme Committee invites submission of papers for the
Technical Programme of the 13th biennial European Conference on Artificial
Intelligence (ECAI-98).

 23 Jan 1998 Deadline for papers
 15 Apr 1998 Notification of acceptance
 15 May1998 Camera-ready copies of papers
 26-28 Aug 1998 Technical programme at ECAI-98

Submissions are invited on substantial, original and previously unpublished
research in all aspects of AI, including, but not limited to:

 Abduction, Temporal, Causal Reasoning, and Diagnosis; Automated
 Reasoning; Application and Enabling Technologies; Belief Revision and
 Nonmonotonic Reasoning; Case-Based Reasoning; Cognitive Modelling and
 Philosophical Foundations; Computational Linguistics; Constraint-Based
 Reasoning and Constraint Programming; Distributed AI and Multiagent
 Systems; Fuzzy Logic; Knowledge Acquisition; Knowledge Representation;
 Logic Programming, and Theorem Proving; Machine Learning, Knowledge
 Discovery and Data Mining; Natural Language and Intelligent User
 Interfaces; Neural Networks in AI; Planning, Scheduling, and Reasoning
 about Actions; Probabilistic Networks; Qualitative Preferences and
 Decision in AI; Qualitative and Spatial Reasoning; Reasoning under
 Uncertainty; Robotics, Vision, and Signal Understanding; Search and
 Meta-Heuristics for AI; Verification, Validation and Testing of
 Knowledge-Based Systems.

Submission procedure

Detailed formatting guidance will be published on the ECAI-98 website in due
course. Accepted papers will have 5 A4 pages in 2-column format in the
proceedings. 6 copies (hard copy only) of papers should be submitted by post
to the ECAI-98 Programme Chair, Henri Prade at the following address:

 Henri Prade, ECAI-98 Programme Chair
 Universiti Paul Sabatier
 118 route de Narbonne
 31062 TOULOUSE Cedex 4

 Tel: +33(0)561 55 65 79
 Fax: +33(0)561 55 62 39

The deadline for receipt of proposals is 23 January 1998 . For other
important dates, see the table above.

Other information

All submissions will be subject to academic peer review by the ECAI-98
Programme Committee under the chairmanship of the ECAI-98 Programme Chair.
The ECAI-98 Programme Chair has final authority over the review process and
all decisions relating to acceptance of papers.

The conference proceedings will be published and distributed by John Wiley
and Sons Ltd. Note that at least one author of each accepted paper is
required to attend the conference to present the paper.

ECAI-98 Secretariat Tel: +44(0)1273 678448
Centre for Advanced Software Applications Fax: +44(0)1273 671320
University of Sussex Email:
Brighton, BN1 9QH, UK URL:

ECAI-98 is organised by the European Coordinating Committee for Artificial
Intelligence (ECCAI) and hosted by the Universities of Brighton and Sussex
on behalf of AISB.
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