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Fri Apr 5 1996

Calls: Siouan conf, Modern Greek ling

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  1. John E. Koontz, Re: Siouan Conference (fwd)
  2. Brian Joseph, Modern Greek Linguistics

Message 1: Re: Siouan Conference (fwd)

Date: Fri, 05 Apr 1996 12:50:43 MST
From: John E. Koontz <>
Subject: Re: Siouan Conference (fwd)

16th Annual Siouan and Caddoan Languages Conference
June 14-15, 1996 (Friday morning to Saturday afternoon)

Registration fee: $20.00


Best Western Ponderosa Inn Room rates from $46.95 to $55.95.
2511 1st Avenue North A block of rooms is reserved for the 
Billings, MT 59101 conference; reservations must be made 
			 by May 14.

For reservations: PHONE: 800-628-9081
 FAX: 406-628-8004


Randolph Graczyk PHONE: 406-259-9747
St. Charles Mission FAX: 406-259-9747
Pryor, MT 59066 E-MAIL:

Steve and Rose Chesarek PHONE: 406-259-5678
805 Westgate Dr.
Billings, MT 59101

Call for papers: send title of your paper to Randy or Steve by June 1.
Maximum length: 30 minutes, shorter papers are welcome.

The conference and discussion is informal, so tentative and
exploratory works are welcome. Students and native people are
encouraged to participate. If any special AV equipment is needed,
please let the organizers know in advance.

Conference highlights will include Friday evening at Pryor on the Crow
Reservation (transportation provided): opportunity to take part in a
sweat lodge ceremony, meal, and panel discussion with local people on
issues of language loss and retention.

John E. Koontz
NIST:CAML:DCISD 888.02 Boulder, CO
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Message 2: Modern Greek Linguistics

Date: Fri, 05 Apr 1996 10:07:23 EST
From: Brian Joseph <>
Subject: Modern Greek Linguistics

* * * * * * * * * * * * CALL FOR PAPERS * * * * * * * * * * * *

John Benjamins Publishing Company has invited the the three of us
(Geoffrey Horrocks, Brian Joseph, and Irene Philippaki-Warburton) to
edit a volume, to be entitled "Themes in Modern Greek Linguistics",
for its Current Issues in Linguistic Theory series. The aim of the
volume is to publish a select number of substantive papers (on the
order of 10 to 12 in all) that present results of the application of
recent advances in our understanding of any aspect of linguistic
theory to various issues in the synchronic or diachronic grammar of
Modern Greek.

We therefore invite submissions from all interested linguists. Three
copies of papers of not more than 30 double-spaced pages should be
sent to Dr. Geoffrey Horrocks (address below) by July 15, 1996.

Authors will be informed by November 1996 regarding the status of
their paper.

For further information, please contact one of the editors.

Geoffrey Horrocks	Brian Joseph		Irene Philippaki-Warburton
St. John's College	Dept. of Linguistics	Dept. of Linguistic Science
Cambridge		Ohio State University	University of Reading	
CB39 DQ, UK		Columbus, OH 		PO Box 218
			USA 43210-1298		Reading, RG6 2AA UK	bjosephling.		I.Philippaki-Warburton
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