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Thu Jan 11 1996

Calls: Phrasal phonology, Mathematical ling

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  1. Ren! Kager, Call: Phrasal Phonology Workshop at Utrecht
  2. Carlos Martin Vide (by way of (Carlos Martin Vide)), Mathematical Linguistics

Message 1: Call: Phrasal Phonology Workshop at Utrecht

Date: Wed, 10 Jan 1996 10:38:28 CST
From: Ren! Kager <>
Subject: Call: Phrasal Phonology Workshop at Utrecht
 OTS Phonology Workshop
 Prosodic and Phrasal Phonology
 Utrecht University, July 1-3, 1996
Recent constraint-based phonology has devoted much attention
to word-level prosodic phenomena (e.g. syllabification, word
stress and prosody-governed phenomena such as reduplication,
epenthesis, minimality effects). However, it has produced
few results in prosodic areas above the word, in contrast
with the extensive research efforts in prosodic phonology
during the eighties, in particular by Selkirk, Nespor &
Vogel, as well as work on intonation structure by Beckman,
Pierrehumbert, Gussenhoven, Hayes & Lahiri, and others. The
workshop's specific goal is to shed light on constraint
interactions at prosodic structure above the word. We
therefore specifically welcome papers which address one or
more of the following themes:

a. Phonological structure at the phrasal level.
b. Reference to prosodic word by phrase-level constraints.
c. The syntax-phonology interface.
d. Phonetic correlates of prosodic structure.

 Invited speakers:
 Aditi Lahiri (University of Konstanz)
 Marina Nespor (University of Amsterdam)
 Lisa Selkirk (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)

Presentations of invited speakers will be 45 minutes, plus
15 minutes discussion.
 Abstracts should be restricted to two pages, including
examples and references. Three copies of abstracts should be
submitted, two anonymous, and one mentioning authors' name
and affiliation. The deadline for submission of abstracts is
April 1, 1996.

Send abstracts to: Rene Kager
 Onderzoeksinstituut voor Taal en Spraak
 Universiteit Utrecht
 Trans 10
 3512 JK Utrecht
 The Netherlands

No abstract submissions by FAX or e-mail, please.

Information: Rene Kager Wim Zonneveld
 (31)-30-2536653 (31)-30-2538237
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Message 2: Mathematical Linguistics

Date: Thu, 11 Jan 1996 17:27:17 +0100
From: Carlos Martin Vide (by way of (Carlos Martin Vide)) < Vide))>
Subject: Mathematical Linguistics
The new dates for the II International Conference on Mathematical
Linguistics will be May 2-4, 1996, at Tarragona, Spain.

A few new papers can yet be considered for presentation before March
1st. The topics of the conference are:

1. Foundations and methodology.
2. Mathematical models for syntax.
3. Mathematical models for semantics.
4. Applications in natural language processing.
5. Varia (phonology, computational complexity, learning, quantitative
methods, etc.)

At most 25 papers will be accepted wholly. For each one of them, 45
minutes will be scheduled.

The organizing committee will pay the expenses of accommodation of
every speaker. All participants must pay the registration fees
(pesetas 15,000) at the reception desk. A volume of abstracts and,
after the meeting, a volume of proceedings will be published.

2-pages ASCII/LaTeX abstracts have to be sent to:

Details can be gotten from the same address.
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