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Mon Dec 23 1996

Calls: LINKS & LETTERS Issue 5: englishes

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  1. ilfib, CALL FOR ARTICLES: LINKS & LETTERS Issue 5: englishes

Message 1: CALL FOR ARTICLES: LINKS & LETTERS Issue 5: englishes

Date: Fri, 20 Dec 1996 17:20:51 +0000
From: ilfib <>
Subject: CALL FOR ARTICLES: LINKS & LETTERS Issue 5: englishes



Issue 5: englishes

We welcome contributions to this number of Links & Letters which will
be published May 1998 . It is devoted to varieties of
English/englishes around the world and promises to be an exciting

Given the range of cultural and language ecologies in which
englishes/English is found, a large number of fields of interest are
relevant to the issue: society and language, bi- and multi-lingualism,
pidgins andcreoles, language contact, cross-cultural communication,
dialect study, evolution of varieties of English linguistically and in
their societal functions, amongst others. Note that we do not exclude
articles whichuse literature, films, songs etc. as data: potential
contributors shouldsimply bear in mind that language is the
cornerstone of the issue. We welcome survey articles, articles which
present a debate within their field, research articles, or articles
which make recent research accessible to the non-specialist. There
will probably be a section for original writing in or recordings of
materials in non-standard varieties of English/englishes:
contributions are invited. We also welcome reviews of recent books
(published since 1993) relevant to the issue.Articles: between 15 and
20 type-written pages (30 lines/60 spaces per line),3 copies, in
English. Reviews: maximum length 4 pages (30 lines/60 spaces per
line), 3 copies,in English.

If you wish to contribute please contact us for further style sheet/
electronic format specifications.

The deadline for submission is May 31, 1997. If accepted, final
versions in hard and electronic form (incorporating any necessary
modifications) will be required by September 30 1997. Articles and
reviews should be sent to the following address:

 Issue 5: David Prendergast
 Department of English
 Facultat de Lletres, Edifici B
 Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
 08193 Bellaterra
 Barcelona (Spain)
 Phone: (34 3) 581 15 67 / 581 17 76 
 Fax: (34 3) 581 20 01

LINKS & LETTERS Further information: 

Links & Letters is a journal in the field of English Studies. Each
issue is organised around a Topic, and the philosophy of the journal
is to try to make often complex topics accessible to the interested
non-specialist. Besides the Article and Review sections, there is an
Interview section with one or more well-known scholars in the field
answering questions. From issue 3 there is a Bibliography section with
a selected and commented bibliography of key publications (books and
periodicals) in the field aimed at orienting the interested reader who
would like to know more. Finally there is an open Notes and News
section: short squibs and replies to previous issues are welcome,
information about forthcoming events, new publications, and anything
else our readers would like to make of it.

LINKS & LETTERS Issues so far:

 Issue 1: Topics in Linguistics (1994) with articles by
Deirdre Wilson and Dan Sperber, Andrew Spencer, Richard Hudson,
Anna Espunya, Alan Reeves; interview with Neil Smith; nine book

 Issue 2: Literature and Culture (1995) with articles by

David Olive, Maria Jos=C8 Martinez, Nicole Rowan, Chantal Cornut-
Gentille, Chris Worth; interview with David Dabydeen; six book

 Issue 3: Pragmatics (1996) with articles by Peter Auer,

Maria Teresa Espinal, Reiko Itani, Robin Lakoff, Helena Calsamiglia,

Josep Maria Cots; interview with Jef Verschuren; annotated
bibliography by Melissa Moyer and Hortensia Curell; 8 book reviews.

 Issue 4: Literature and Neo-Colonialism (due May 1997)
with articles by Stephanie Newell, Mireia Aragay, Theo D=B4Haen,

Graham Huggan, Christel R. Devadawson, Feroza Jussawalla; round
table interview; annotated bibliography by Felicity Hand and
Salvador Faura; nine book reviews.

Remember... The aims of Links & Letters are:
 To connect specialists and non-specialists alike by making
specialized disciplines accessible to the non-specialist
 To keep students and former students in touch with what=B4s
going on in the academic world
 To make complex areas simpler and more understandable
 To be open to readers=B4 needs and ideas

Subscriptions: We welcome subscriptions at the following rates
2000ptas (=3DUS$16) mail charges not included. Please direct
enquiries to Links and Letters (subscriptions) at the above address,

or by e-mail to: ILFI2CC.UAB.ES

Exchanges: We welcome institutional exchanges. Enquiries to:
Links and Letters (exchanges) at the same address, or by e-mail to

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information

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