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Mon Dec 23 1996

Calls: Engineering of Complex Computer Systems

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Message 1: CFP: ICECCS'97

Date: Mon, 16 Dec 1996 18:40:55 +0100 (MET)
From: NESI <>
Subject: CFP: ICECCS'97

Third IEEE International Conference on

Villa Olmo
Como, Italy
September 8-12, 1997

Held jointly with 5th IEEE Workshop on Real-Time Applications (5th


IEEE Computer Society - IEEE Technical Committee on Complexity in

ICECCS'97 General Chair Mike Hinchey, New Jersey Institute of
Technology (USA) and University of Limerick (Ireland)

ICECCS'97 Program Co-Chair-The Americas
Hassan Gomaa, George Mason University (USA)

ICECCS'97 Program Co-Chairs-Europe & Africa

Jeffrey Kramer, Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine
(U.K.) Mauro Pezze', Politecnico di Milano (Italy)

ICECCS'97 Program Co-Chair-Asia/Oceania
Yoshinori Yamaguchi, ETL (Japan)

RTAW'97 Co-Chairs

Jean-Jacques Schwarz, IUT - University Claude Bernard de Lyon. Lyon
(France) Kim Man, City University of Hong Kong, (Hong Kong) Sarah
Chodrow, Emory University (USA)

ICECCS'97 Industrial/Exhibits Chair

Tom Bihari, AMT Systems Engineering Inc. (USA) Benny Graf Mortensen,
Institute of Applied Computer Science, IFAD (Denmark)

ICECCS'97 Tutorial Chair
Alberto Broggi, Universita' di Parma (Italy)

Local Arrangements Chair
Francesco Tisato, Universita' di Milano (Italy)

Steering Committee
T. Bihari, J. Harauz, S. Howell, T. Ichikawa, A. Stoyenko (Chair)

Program Committee

M. Adiba, T. Ae, S. Agerholm, V.S. Alagar, P. Ammann, S. F. Andler, M.
Ardis, G. Avrunin, J. Bacquet, S.K. Baruah, D. Batory, T. Bihari, D.
Bolton, P. Bose, U. Buy, S. Chakravarthy, S.C. Cheung, Z. Chi, S. E.
Chodrow, A. Coen Porisini, L. da Fontoura Costa, K. Davis, J.A. de la
Puente, R. De Nicola, F. De Paoli, P. Devanbu, L. Dillon, S. Faulk, M.
=46elder, A. Finkelstein, B. Furth, C. Ghezzi, L. Guan, W. A. Halang,
J. Harauz, C. Heitmayer, B. Holtkamp, S. Howell, T. Ichikawa,
D. Jackson, R. Jacquart, G. Johnson, D. Juttelstad, Y. Kakuda,
A. Kanevsky, K. Kang, J. Knight, Ph. Laplante, L. Lavazza,
D. Lawrence, J.C. Leite, S. Liu, M. R. Lyu, J. Magee, T. J. Marlowe,
T. D. Meijler, C. Montangero, R. Milovanovic, L. Motus, P. Nesi,
K. Nielsen, L. Nigro, R. L. Nord, S. Nunn, J. Offut, C. E. Pereira,
P. T. Poon, F. Saglietti, H. Saiedian, J. Salinas, A. Sch=FCrr,
J.J. Schwarz, N. Serbedzija, A Silberman, J. Skubich, N. Suri,
A. Stoyenko, I. Suzuki, W.J. Toetenel, G. Tortora, G. Tsai,
M. F. Younis, M. Young

DESCRIPTION: IEEE Computer Society's Third International Conference on
the Engineering of Complex Computer Systems (ICECCS'97) is to be held
in Como, Italy, in September 1997.

SCOPE: Complex computer systems are common in many sectors, such as
manufacturing, communications, defense, transportation, aerospace,
hazardous environments, energy, and health care. These systems are
frequently distributed over heterogeneous networks, and are driven by
many diverse requirements on performance, real-time behavior, fault
tolerance, security, adaptability, development time and cost, long
life concerns, and other areas. Such requirements frequently
conflict, and their satisfaction therefore requires managing the
trade-off among them during system development and throughout the
entire system life. The goal of this conference is to bring together
industrial, academic, and government experts from these disciplines,
to determine how the disciplines' problems and solution techniques
interact within the whole system. Researchers, practitioners, tool
developers and users, and technology transition experts are all
welcome. The scope of interest includes long-term research issues,
near-term complex system requirements and promising tools; existing
complex systems and commercially available tools will be examined on a
level playing field.

- AI and Intelligent Systems (T. Ae, L. Guan)
- System and Software Architecture (R. Nord)
- Tools, Environments, and Languages (J.A. De La Puente, T. Marlowe, M.F.
- Complex and Real-time Database Systems and Data Management (S. Andler,
S.Chakravarthy, K. Davis)
- Dependable Real-Time Systems (S. Faulk, R. Jacquart, N. Serbedzija)
- Formal Methods (A. Coen Porisini, R. De Nicola, S. Liu)
- Software Engineering, Re-engineering, Re-use (V.S. Alagar, P. T. Poon)
- Systems Engineering (T. Bihari, C.E. Pereira)
- Virtual Reality, Multimedia, Real-Time Imaging (L. Da Fontoura Costa)
- Technology Integration (A. Kanevsky)
- Networking, Complexity, and Protocol Engineering (Y. Kakuda)
- Distributed and Mobile Systems (J. Magee, S.C. Cheung)
- Software Process Improvement (H. Saiedian)
- Visual Languages and Tools (A. Schuerr)
- CSCW and HCI (F. De Paoli)
- Interoperability (D. Bolton, A. Finkelstein)
- Standards (J. Harauz)
- Neural Networks and Fuzzy Systems (Z. Chi)
- ESSI Industrial Software Best Practices (J.Bacquet)

SUBMISSIONS: Different classes of contributions are sought, ranging
from research papers to lessons learned and status reports. The
ultimate goal is to build a rich and comprehensive conference program
that can fit the interests and needs of different classes of
attendees: professionals, researchers, managers, and students. Papers
shall describe original research or report industrial experience and
shall not exceed 6000 words. Panel proposals shall describe the topic
(500 words) and shall include a short CV (maximum 300 words) and a
short position paper (maximum 300 words= ) from each panelist.
Tutorial proposal (maximum 3000 words) shall describe the material
that will be covered in the course and the schedule, and shall include
a short CV (maximum 300 words) for each instructor. Tool exhibits are
invited. Abstract of 500 words for the special session "ESSI
Industrial Software Best Practices" shall describe experiences in
technology transfer.

Deadlines for submissions of Papers, Panel, and Tutorial proposals is
March = 3, 1997. Deadlines for proposals of Tool exhibits is June 3,

Complete papers for ICECCS'97 and RTAW'97 must be sent by March 3,
1997 to:

Mike Hinchey
Real-Time Computing Laboratory
Department of Computer and Information Science
New Jersey Institute of Technology
University Heights
Newark, NJ 07102 USA

For each paper submitted to ICECCS'97, an electronic abstract must
be sent by February 25, 1997 to:

Authors will be notified by June 5, 1997.

Panel proposals must be sent by March 3, 1997 to:
Mauro Pezze'
Dipartimento di Elettronica e Informazione
Politecnico di Milano
piazza Leonardo da Vinci 32
I-20133 Milano, Italy

Tutorial proposals must be sent by March 3, 1997 to:
Alberto Broggi
Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione
Universita` di Parma
Viale delle Scienze
I-43100 Parma, Italy

Abstracts for the special session "ESSI Industrial Software Best Practices"
must be sent by June 3, 1997 to:
Joel Bacquet
European Commission DG III F4
Avenue des Nerviens 105 Office 3/54
B-1040 Brussels, Belgium

Proposals of exhibits of research prototypes and commercially
available tools and technology must be sent by June 3, 1997 to:

Benny Graff Mortensen,
Forskerparken 10,
DK-5230 Odense M, Denmark

Electronic submissions will not be considered.

An extended version of selected papers of ICECCS97 will be published
in a special issue of IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering

ICECCS conference series can be monitored via WWW at, or, or on the IEEE Computer Society home
page at

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