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Thu Jan 4 1996

Calls: Lexical-functional grammar, Spoken lg processing

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  1. Tracy Holloway King, LFG Conference: 2nd call for papers
  2. "Tim Bunnell", CFP & Conference update: ICSLP 96

Message 1: LFG Conference: 2nd call for papers

Date: Wed, 03 Jan 1996 08:55:21 PST
From: Tracy Holloway King <>
Subject: LFG Conference: 2nd call for papers
 			 August 25--27, 1996
 			 Grenoble, France

PLEASE NOTE: The organizers of LFG Colloquium and Workshops, to be
held in Grenoble, France on August 25-27, 1995 (see announcement
below), would like to make it known that students are encouraged to
submit abstracts for the colloquium and workshops. Special attention
will be paid to defraying the costs of students whose abstracts are
accepted, and who wish to participate/might not otherwise be able to

An LFG colloquium and workshops will take place in August 1996 in
Grenoble, France. Papers are invited both within the formal
architecture of lexical-functional grammar and in the `spirit of LFG',
as a lexicalist approach to language within a parallel,
constraint-based framework.

There will be a series of 20-minute talks (with 10 minutes for
discussion), as well as workshops (see below). The talks may present
results from completed as well as ongoing research, with an emphasis
on novel approaches, methods, ideas, and perspectives, whether
descriptive, theoretical, formal or computational.
 Abstract submissions should include:
- Five copies of a one-page abstract of the paper with a title. OMIT
 name and affiliation. A second page may be used for data, c-/f- and
 related structures, and references, but not for text. 
- A 3" by 5" card with the title of the paper and the name(s) of the
 author(s), address and e-mail address.

- If possible, please send a postscript or ascii file of the abstract
 via email IN ADDITION TO the five hard copies.

Papers may be placed into appropriate workshops in consultation with
Abstracts should be sent to Tracy Holloway King and Miriam Butt by
FEBRUARY 1, 1996 at the following address:

 Tracy Holloway King/Miriam Butt (LFG workshop)
 Linguistics Department
 Stanford University
 Stanford, CA 94305-2150
 USA or

 Important dates:
 February 1, 1996: deadline for receipt of abstracts
 April 1, 1996: deadline for notification of acceptance (we will
 send notification earlier if possible)
 We are also interested in organizing a number of workshops on topics
 such as: 
 Semantic representations and reasoning for LFG
 Relating projections (mappings between syntax, semantics, prosody, ...)
 Constraint competition (in, e.g., binding theory, weak crossover)
 Lexicality/complex predicates, and mapping theory
 Phrase structure typology (flat vs. extended X-bar structures)
 Formal architecture, formal langage results, complexity
 Implementing LFG: algorithms, data structures and efficiency.
 Workshop on grammar writing projects
 Proposals for workshops are also welcome; please contact
 Chris Manning at the following address by February 1, 1996 to
 propose a workshop or to volunteer to help organize a workshop.

	Christopher Manning 
	Philosophy Dept
	Carnegie Mellon University
	Pittsburgh PA 15213-3890
 A copy of this announcement is available by anonymous FTP from as /pub/nl/lfgconference-announcement.
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Message 2: CFP & Conference update: ICSLP 96

Date: Wed, 03 Jan 1996 16:45:56 EST
From: "Tim Bunnell" <>
Subject: CFP & Conference update: ICSLP 96

Here is a brief update on plans for the upcoming ICSLP 96
conference. Hope to see you there.

Tim Bunnell, Chair
Rick Foulds, Vice Chair

 Fourth International Conference on Spoken Language Processing

 October 3-6, 1996
 Wyndham Franklin Plaza Hotel
 Philadelphia, PA, USA

 II CC CC SS SS LL PP PP 99 99 66 66
 II CC SS LL PP PP 99 99 66
 II CC SSSSSSS LL PPPPPP 9999999 6666666
 II CC SS LL PP 99 66 66
 II CC CC SS SS LL PP 99 99 66 66

I. Abstract Submission Due Date

	Please note that abstracts for ICSLP 96 should be submitted by
	January 15, 1996.

II. Proceedings plans

	Conference proceedings will be available in both print and
	CDROM format. It now appears that we will also be able to
	accommodate some limited multi-media features with the CDROM
	version of the proceedings. Authors whose papers are accepted
	for the conference will be able to submit digitized speech and
	possibly short "movie" sequences for inclusion with their
	papers on CDROM. Details regarding acceptable formats and
	amount of data will will be available later. Needless to say,
	authors will be required to submit audio/visual information in
	machine readable format.

III. Technical Program Committee Chairs.

	Steve Levinson, Mark Liberman, and Maureen Stone
	(alphabetically) have agreed to co-chair the Technical Program
	Committee for ICSLP 96.

IV. Plenary Speakers

	We are pleased to announce that Professors James Flanagan and
	Anne Cutler have agree to present plenary lectures at ICSLP


	ICSLP unites researchers, developers, and clinicians for an
	exchange on a wide variety of topics related to spoken
	language processing by humans and machines. Conference
	presentations range from basic acoustic phonetic research to
	clinically oriented speech training devices to speech-based
	natural language interfaces for man-machine interaction. ICSLP
	96 will feature technical sessions in both oral and poster
	format, plenary talks, commercial exhibits, and daily
	special sessions. In addition, satellite workshops will be
	held in conjunction with the conference in the areas of
	interactive voice technology, spoken dialogue, speech
	databases and speech I/O, and the integration of gestures and
	speech. A new emphasis for ICSLP 96 will be on the clinical
	applications of speech technology, including the use of speech
	technology based applications for persons with disabilities.

 Dates to Note:
 January 15, 1996	- Paper abstracts due for review
 March 15, 1996		- Acceptance notification
 May 1, 1996		- Deadline for papers (camera-ready, 4 pp)

______________For more information about ICSLP 96, contact_____________________

	 ICSLP 96
	 Applied Science & Engineering Laboratories
	 A.I. duPont Institute
	 P.O. Box 269
	 Wilmington, DE 19899
	 Phone: +1 302 651 6830
	 TDD: +1 302 651 6834
	 Fax: +1 302 651 6895

	A two-page PostScript format copy of the most recent
	Conference Announcement and Call for Papers can also be
	obtained by anonymous ftp. Connect to host, cd to directory pub/ICSLP96,
	and get in binary mode. The file must be
	uncompressed with a unix compatible uncompress program before
	being printed. A plain text version of the announcement is
	located in the same directory as file call.txt
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