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Sat Oct 12 1996

Calls: ICHL workshop, ESCA Workshop & Call for Papers

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  1. Ans van Kemenade, ICHL workshop
  2. Georgios Kouroupetroglou, ESCA Workshop on Intonation & Call for Papers

Message 1: ICHL workshop

Date: Fri, 11 Oct 1996 10:04:56 +0200
From: Ans van Kemenade <>
Subject: ICHL workshop
Abstracts are invited for a workshop to be held with the
XIII International Conference on Historical Linguistics,
Duessel-dorf 10-17 August 1997, titled:

Functional categories and morphosyntactic change

Convener: Ans van Kemenade (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

Speakers confirmed: Ian Roberts (Stuttgart)
 Nigel Vincent (Manchester)

Abstracts are invited for 40-minute papers (including
discussion), which address issues concerning the role
of functional categories in morphosyntactic change. The
term 'functional categories' may be taken in a theory-
neutral sense (changes in the way categories like tense,
mood, aspect, case, number, gender etc. are expressed),
or in the sense in which it is used in current models
of generative syntax, where morphological categories
are taken to project a functional projection according
to phrase structure format. Suggestions for problem
areas include the following:

 The role of functional categories in the grammati-
 calization process. Grammaticalization very often
 involves the reanalysis of a lexical category into
 a functional category, e.g. from verb to complement-
 izer. Papers might address the nature of and motiva-
 tion for such reanalysis (semantically vs. syntacti-
 cally driven).

 Changes in case systems: issues that might be addres-
 sed include the functional (non)equivalence of case
 and prepositions as evidenced when morphological case
 systems are lost; the relation between syntactic and
 morphological case; the interplay between changes in
 case and categories like aspect, and the grammatical
 analysis thereof; the implications of regarding case
 as a functional projection in the generative sense
 for the analysis of changes in case.

 The role of functional categories in word order change:
 in generative approaches to word order change functional
 projections play a key role in word order change. Case
 studies in this area are welcomed. Since functional
 projections are assumed to express morphological catego
 ries, a close correlation between morphology and word
 order is predicted. To what extent is this empirically

Send two copies of a one-page abstract, NO LATER THAN
1 February 1997, to:

Dr. Ans van Kemenade
Vrije Universiteit, Vakgroep Taalkunde/Engels
De Boelelaan 1105
1081 HV Amsterdam

Snailmail is much preferred, but abstracts sent by e-mail or
fax will not be rejected:
fax: #31(0)204446500 (state name of convener)
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Message 2: ESCA Workshop on Intonation & Call for Papers

Date: Wed, 09 Oct 1996 15:15:14 +0200
From: Georgios Kouroupetroglou <>
Subject: ESCA Workshop on Intonation & Call for Papers

- --------------------------------------------------------------------------

 ESCA Tutorial and Research Workshop on
 Intonation:Theory, Models andApplications

 Athens, Greece, September 18-20, 1997
- --------------------------------------------------------------------------

 Advance Notice, Registration and Call for Papers

Orginisers:European Speech Communication Association and University
of Athens


Further information about the workshop are
available from :

 E-mail address:

The aim of the workshop is to bring together researchers of
intonation from different disciplines, promote international
scientific exchange and inform academia and industry about current
developments in intonation research and its applications.

The workshop will be centred round three major topics of intonation:

I.	Intonation Theory
II.	Intonation Models
III.	Intonation Applications

Prospective contributors are invited to submit papers on phonological,
physiological, acoustic and perceptual aspects of intonation as well
as its applications in the fields of language technology, language
education and language pathology.


The workshop will contain a mix of keynote presentations, plenary oral
sessions and poster sessions with ample time for discussion.


The workshop site is a coastal suburb of Athens, close to both the
national and international airports. The workshop will take place at a
conference centre which has all the usual facilities and hotel


Accommodation will be available at the conference centre and the
nearby hotels (detailed information and reduced prices will be
announced at a later date). The workshop fee, including the
proceedings and all meals for three days (17-19), is 255 ECU (European
Currency Unit, 1 ECU  1.2 US dollars) for ESCA members, 135 ECU for
ESCA student members, 300 ECU for non-members and 150 ECU for student
non-members. Late registrants, after June 1, will be charged an
additional 50 ECU. Registration for non-ESCA members includes ESCA
membership for 1997.


Abstract Submission 1 Feb 1997 Notification of Acceptance 1 April 1997
Deadline for Early Registration 1 June 1997 Camera Ready Paper
Submission 1 July 1997 Workshop on Intonation 18-20 Sept 1997


Workshop Proceedings will be available upon registration
at the conference centre. A special volume is also planned with an
extended version of original workshop papers.

The official language of the Workshop will be English.

The European Speech Communication Association (ESCA) is a
non-profit organisation for promoting Speech Communication Science and
Technology in a European context. For membership and other
information, please contact the ESCA secretariat at: ICP-Universit
Stendhal, BP 25, 38040 Grenoble C=E9de= x 9, France. Tel: (+33) 76 82
43 36 Fax: (+33) 76 82 43 35

Antonis Botinis George Carayannis Georgios Kouroupetroglou


Cinzia Avesani (Italy) Robert Bannert (Sweden) Mary Beckman (USA)
Albert Di Cristo (France) Grzegorz Dogil (Germany) Bjorn Granstrom
(Sweden) Julia Hirshberg (USA) Jill House (UK) Dieter Huber (Germany)
George Kokkinakis (Greece) Christel Sorin (France) Marc Swerts

For all correspondence concerning the workshop,
please use the following address:

 ESCA Workshop on Intonation Department of Informatics
 University of Athens Panepistimioupolis, Ilisia GR-15784

E-mail address:

Telephone:+ 30 1 72 11 119 Fax: + 30 1 72 28 981

Further information about the workshop are
available from :

Notification of cancellation can be made by letter or fax
before June 1, 1997. After this date no refunds will be made.

- --------------------------------------------------------------------------

 September 18-20, 1997, Athens, Greece


 Full mailing address:


I intend to submit a paper with the title:

Preferred presentation: -- poster, -- oral, -- either
- 1-page abstract is included in 5 copies

I would like to participate in the workshop as a,
- 	ESCA member*	255 ECU
- 	ESCA student member*	135 ECU
- Non-member	300 ECU
- 	Student non-member	150 ECU
- 	After June 1 add 	50 ECU

	Total amount	-----------
- I am an ESCA member: Membership # : 
- I enclose a cheque made payable to:
 University of Athens 
- I enclose a copy of the bank transfer to:
	Account No. 038-83589396, 
	Commercial Bank of Greece,
	Ofthalmiatriou Branch,
	Panepistimiou 25, Athens, Greece
(Please include ALL the information above, and your name on the cheque or
bank transfer.)
- Payment by Credit Card: VISA
Card Holder name:
Credit Card No:
Expiration Date:
Date & Signature:
Please complete this form and mail or fax to:
ESCA Workshop on Intonation
Department of Informatics
University of Athens, Panepistimioupolis, Ilisia
 Fax : + 30 1 7228981

- ----------------------------------------------------------------

 Georgios T. Kouroupetroglou 
 University of Athens 
 Department of Informatics 
 Division of Communication and Signal Processing
 Panepistimioupolis, TYPA, Ilisia
 GR 15784 Athens, Greece
 tel: + 30 1 7248154, + 30 1 7211119
 fax: + 30 1 7228981, + 30 1 6000472

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