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Sat Oct 5 1996

Calls: Formal ling, Computational ling

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  1. "Vern M. Lindblad", West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics XVI
  2. Jer Huang, Research on Computational Linguistics ROCLING X(1997)

Message 1: West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics XVI

Date: Thu, 03 Oct 1996 02:47:49 PDT
From: "Vern M. Lindblad" <>
Subject: West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics XVI

Second call:

	West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics XVI
		The University of Washington, Seattle
			February 28 - March 2, 1997

Abstracts are invited for twenty minute talks in all areas of formal
linguistics from any theoretical perspective.

Please mail 10 (ten) copies of an anonymous abstract along with a 3"x
5" card with paper title, name of author(s), affiliation, address,
phone number, e-mail address and, to facilitate the review process,
primary area of linguistics addressed in the paper. Abstracts should
be no more than one page with an additional page allowed for examples
and references, with all margins at least one inch wide, in at least
11-point type. Submissions are limited to a maximum of one individual
and one joint abstract per author. Please do not send abstracts by

The deadline for receipt of abstracts is November 8, 1996.

Send abstracts to:	WCCFL XVI Committee
			Dept. of Linguistics
			Box 354340
			University of Washington
			Seattle, WA 98195

For further information or answers to questions, please contact the wccfl
committee at the above address or e-mail
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Message 2: Research on Computational Linguistics ROCLING X(1997)

Date: Thu, 03 Oct 1996 15:02:07 +0800
From: Jer Huang <>
Subject: Research on Computational Linguistics ROCLING X(1997)
 ROCLING X (1997) International Conference 
 Research on Computational Linguistics 
 Call for Papers

Time: August 22-24, 1997
Location: Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan

Topics of Interest: All areas of Computational Linguistics and Natural
Language Processing, including, but not limited to: natual language
understanding, machine translation, parsing, spoken language
processing, corpus linguistics, language-based information retrieval,
text processing, electronic lexicon and lexical semantics, speech

Official Conference Language: English

Additional Conference Language: Chinese (Mandarin)

Invited Speakers:
 Janet D. Fodor, CUNY, President of the Linguistic Society of America
 Beth Levin, Northwestern University
 Ovid T.L. Tzeng, National Chung Cheng University, Member of Academia

 Beth Levin, Northwestern University
 Richard Sproat, Bell Labs
 Finite-state Methods in Morphology, Text Analysis and the Analysis
of Writing Systems

Conference Chair: Lin-Shan Lee, Academia Sinica 
Program Committee Co-chairs: Keh-Jiann Chen, Academia Sinica
 Chu-Ren Huang, Accdemia Sinica 
 Richard Sproat, Bell Labs

Program Committee Members:
 Steve Abney, University of Tuebingen
 Rens Bod, University of Amsterdam
 Jyun-sheng Chang, Tsing Hua University
 Hsin-hsi Chen, Taiwan University
 Shin-Horng Chen, Chiao-Tung University
 Li-Feng Chien, Academia Sinica
 Key-Sun Choi, KAIST
 Jerry Hobbs, SRI International
 Changning Huang, Tsinghua University
 Geunbae Lee, Pohang University of Sci. and Tech.
 Hsi-Jian Lee, Chiao-Tung University
 Kim Teng Lua, National University of Singapore
 Yuji Matsumoto, Nara Institute of Sci. and Tech.
 Masaaki Nagata, NTT
 Martha Palmer, University of Penn.
 Jerry Seligman, Chung Cheng University
 Hozumi Tanaka, Tokyo Institute. of Tech.
 Keh-Yih Su, Tsing Hua University 
 Chiu-Yu Tseng, Academia Sinica
 Benjamin K. T'sou, City University of Hong Kong
 Dekai Wu, Hong Kong University of Sci. and Tech.
 Jhing-Fa Wang, Cheng Kung University
 David Yarowsky, Johns Hopkins University
 Victor Zue, MIT

Pacific Asia Area Rest of the World
c/o Dr. Keh-Jiann Chen c /o Dr. Richard Sproat
Institute of Information Science, Bell Labs, Room 2d-451
Academia Sinica 700 Mountain Avenue
Nankang, Taipei 115 Murray Hill, NJ 07974, USA
Taiwan Tel: +1-908-582-5296
Tel/Fax: 886-2-788-1638 Fax: +1-908-582-3306

Types: a) Regular Paper [max. 25pp., double-spaced], b) Short Paper,
	and c) Project Notes [both max. 10pp., double-spaced] 
Copies:Send four (4) copies of full paper. 
Format: The title page should indicate submission type(s), and contain
 abstract (less than 200 words), name, affiliation, address, and
 email address of the author(s). Papers should follow either the
 ACL or the LSA stylesheet.

Strongly Recommended: Electronical submission of the title page at the
same time of sending the paper.

Electronic Submission: [plain text files only] Accepted at OR

Submission Deadline: June 16, 1997 (Monday)
Notification of Acceptance: July 9, 1997 (Wednesday)
Final Version of Paper Due: August 1, 1997 (Friday)
Final Version of Paper Due: August 1, 1997 (Friday)
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