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Thu Sep 26 1996

All: LINGUIST on-line conference reminder

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  1. Daniel Seely, LINGUIST on-line conference reminder

Message 1: LINGUIST on-line conference reminder

Date: Wed, 25 Sep 1996 20:28:24 EDT
From: Daniel Seely <>
Subject: LINGUIST on-line conference reminder


We are pleased to announce that the first LINGUIST on-line conference

	 "Geometric and Thematic Structure in Binding"

will take place from Oct 14 through Nov 4.

1. Do keep in mind that the conference will not go out as 
regular issues to LINGUIST subscribers. To "attend," one must 
subscribe to a special conference list. The procedure for doing
so is as follows: 

Send an email message to:

The message should consist of the single line:

 subscribe linconf firstname lastname

Ex: subscribe linconf Jane Doe

One can subscribe at any time before or during the conference.
Participants will be automatically unsubscribed from the linconf list
when the conference is over.

2. For further information about the conference theme and
details on how it will be run, please see our Web Site:

3. Conference Program (see above Web Site for full version):

		 October 14 to November 4, 1996

			 (Alphabetical Listing)

			 Keynote Address by


	Professor of Linguistics at University of Connecticut
		 Research Affiliate at MIT

	 "On Certain Structural Aspects of Anaphora"

George Aaron Broadwell.. Switch-Reference Phenomena as Evidence for
			 Structure-Based Approaches to Binding Theory

Martin B. Everaert...... Thematic Hierarchies and Binding Theory:
			 Evidence from Greek

Robert Hamilton......... Reflexivity, Anaphoricity, or Polymorphemicity?

Jeffrey L. Lidz......... On the Independence of Syntactic
			 and Thematic Binding

Ruth Reeves............. De Se/Non De Se Representation in Long-Distance

Carol Tenny............. Short Distance Pronouns and Locational Deixis

Elly van Gelderen....... Historical Binding Domains

Roberto Zamparelli...... A Null Theory of Bound-Variable Pronouns

Larisa Zlatic........... Syntactico-Semantic Approach to Binding:
			 Evidence from Serbian

We would like to extend our thanks to the review board for their
conscientious help in preparing this program.

 Andrew Barss Robert May
 Robert Fiengo			Pierre Pica
 Arild Hestvik			Eric Reuland
 James Higginbotham	 Wendy Wilkins

4. We encourage all those who are interested in the conference
theme to subscribe and actively participate in the discussion.
As this is our first conference, we also encourage suggestions
about all aspects of conference proceedings.

Thank you


Anthony Aristar
Helen Aristar-Dry
T. Daniel Seely

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