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Thu Jul 25 1996

Calls: Texas Ling (correction),International Congress of Ling

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  1. Ralph Blight, For the Listserv - Texas Linguistic Society - Correction
  2. "Victoria A. Fromkin", CIL 16

Message 1: For the Listserv - Texas Linguistic Society - Correction

Date: Wed, 24 Jul 1996 12:12:51 MDT
From: Ralph Blight <>
Subject: For the Listserv - Texas Linguistic Society - Correction

Please note that there were some significant omissions in the call for
papers post on July 19,1997. The complete call is given below. Please
accept my apologies.



The 1997 Conference of the Texas Linguistics Society


 The University of Texas at Austin

 March 7-9, 1997

 Invited Speakers:

Edwin Williams (Princeton University)
William Ladusaw (The University of California, Santa Cruz)


Abstracts are invited for 30 minute talks (with 10 additional minutes
for discussion) on any topic related to the syntax and/or semantics of
predication. Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

 - Syntactic conditions on predication: c-command, interactions
with theta roles, control, binding, coordination, ellipsis, the issue
of small clauses, etc.
 - Types of predication: verbal/nonverbal, primary/secondary,
categorical/thetic, individual level/stage level, etc.
 - Interpretation, scope, focus, presupposition, quantification,
discourse factors, etc.
 - The role of heads: copular be, pronominal elements, predicate
clitics, etc.
 - The syntax and semantics of resultatives
 - Predication in the minimalist framework, GB, HPSG, LFG,
autolexical theory, etc.
 - Predication in the noun phrase

Abstracts must be no more than one 8 1/2" by 11" page, single-spaced,
and in at least 12-point font (10-point for examples), with one inch
margins on all sides. One additional page with references, diagrams,
and data may be appended if necessary. All submissions must include
the following items:

 - 6 anonymous copies of the abstract
 - 1 3x5" card with name, affiliation, address, phone number,
email address, and title of paper

Deadline for receipt of abstracts is November 1, 1996. Send abstracts

 TLS Abstract Committee
 Calhoun 501
 The University of Texas at Austin
 Austin, TX 78712

Abstracts received after the deadline will not be considered. Fax
submissions will not be accepted. Instructions for email submissions
are available upon request. An individual may submit at most one
single and one co-authored paper. Accepted presenters will be
notified by mid-December, 1996. If presenters wish to have their
papers included in the conference proceedings, they must submit a
camera-ready copy by May 15, 1997. Proceedings will be published by
the Texas Linguistic Forum.

Preregistration for the conference is $15.00 (US) for students, $25.00
for nonstudents.

For further information, contact

or check out our Web page at:
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Message 2: CIL 16

Date: Wed, 24 Jul 1996 16:59:33 PDT
From: "Victoria A. Fromkin" <>
Subject: CIL 16

The Second Circular for the XVIth International Congress of Linguists
to be held in Paris, July 20-25, 1997, has been mailed. Those who
have not received it and wish information should send an e-mail to Abstracts for oral presentations and poster
papers are due by October 1, 1996. The Plenary sessions feature the
following plenary speakers:

 1. The development of linguistics in the 2nd half of the XXth
century: Jean-Claude Chevalier, Luigi Rizzi, Haiim B. Rosen
 	2. Language families, areas and types: Gilbert Lazard,
Ekkehard Konig, Calvert Watkins
 3. Linguistic structures and mental activities: Ray
Jackendoff, Bernard Pottier, Anna Wierzbicka
 4. Linguistic structures and communication: Vadim Kassevitch,
Deirdre Wilson, Masayoshi Shibatani

(Personal Note: The symposium which I am organizing is mistakenly
listed as 'Brain., intelligence, and language.', instead of the
correct title 'Brain, mind, and language.' Meanings do change in
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