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Sat Jun 24 1995

TOC: Functions of Language 2, 1 (1995)

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Functions of Language 2, 1 (1995) is now available. From the table of
Sidney Greenbaum and Gerald Nelson:
Clause relationships in spoken and written English
Michael Stubbs:
Collocations and semantic profiles: On the cause of the trouble with
quantitative studies
Erich Steiner and Wiebke Ramm:
On Theme as a grammatical notion for German
Lois Bloom. The Transition from Infancy to Language: Acquiring the Power of
Expression (Clare Painter); Bernard Comrie and Maria Polinsky (eds.)
Causatives and Transitivity (Liesbeth Degand); Ronald Geluykens. From
Discourse Process to Grammatical Construction: On Left-dislocation in English
(Peter Collins); Gunther Kress. Learning to Write (Barbara Couture); Jacob L.
Mey. Pragmatics: An Introduction (M. Lynne Murphy); Barbara Sandig and Ulrich
Puschel (eds.) Stilistik III: Argumentationsstile (Manfred Kienpointner); Anna
Wierzbicka. Cross-cultural Pragmatics: The Semantics of Human Interaction
(Geert Jacobs)
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