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TOC: Pragmatics

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Vol. 5, No. 1 (March 1995)
Susanne G=9ANTHNER and Hubert KNOBLAUCH, Culturally patterned
speaking practices - the analysis of communicative genres=20
Maria Rosa SOL=90 PLANAS, The process of children's ability to ask
questions from an interactive perspective
Grahame BILBOW, Requesting strategies in the cross-cultural business
Vol. 5, No. 2 (June 1995): SPECIAL ISSUE on CONSTRUCTING
LANGUAGES AND PUBLICS, edited by Susan Gal and Kathryn
Susan GAL and Kathryn A. WOOLARD, Constructing languages and
publics: Authority and representation
Judith IRVINE, The family romance of colonial linguistics: Gender and
family in nineteenth-century representations of African languages
Susan GAL, Lost in a Slavic sea: Linguistic theories and expert knowledge
in 19th century Hungary
Richard BAUMAN, Representing Native American oral narrative: The
textual practices of Henry Rowe Schoolcraft
Michael SILVERSTEIN, From the meaning of meaning to the empires of
the mind: Ogden's Orthological English
Jane HILL, Junk Spanish, covert racism and the (leaky) boundary between
public and private spheres
Joseph ERRINGTON, State speech for peripheral publics in Java
Bambi B. SCHIEFFELIN, Creating evidence: Making sense of written
words in Bosavi
Jacqueline URLA, Outlaw language: Creating alternative public spheres
in Basque radio
Ben LEE, Performing the people
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