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Sat Jun 17 1995

Sum: Verb Particles

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  1. Nancy J Stenson, summary: verb-particles

Message 1: summary: verb-particles

Date: Thu, 15 Jun 1995 16:46:45 summary: verb-particles
From: Nancy J Stenson <>
Subject: summary: verb-particles

Many thanks to all of you who responded to my request for references on
phrasal verbs/particles. I haven't had time to track down the details of
some of the leads I got, but I have most of them, and since I'll soon be
leaving town for much of the summer, had best post what I have. I'll
find the rest when I get back. Here it is, and thanks again.

The Respondents;
Bas Aarts, Hans Broekhuis, Andrew Carnie, Richard DeArmond, Stig
Eliasson, Larry Gorbet, Olaf Koeneman, Steve Matthews, Geoff Nathan, Douglas Ol
iver, Haj
Ross, Joanna Rubba, Goerel Sandstroem, Robin Schafer, Michael B. Smith, Tim
Stowell, Bob Wachal, Debra Yeager.

The References
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DeArmond, Richard. A paper on WWW, which I haven't yet managed
 to access, but here's the address; someone may have better luck:
den Dikken, Marcel. 1995. Particles. Oxford University Press.
Gold, Elaine. Paper or MA thesis on Yiddish.
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