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TOC: University of Melbourne Working Papers in Linguistics

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The 1994 University of Melbourne Working Papers in Linguistics is now
available for AUD10 from the Department of Linguistics at the University;
email, fax (+61 3) 347 7305.
Table of Contents:
Nick Evans: "The Problem of Body Parts and Noun Class Membership in Australian
John Hajek: "A Mystery Solved: The Forgotten Tone Languages of New Ireland"
Edrinnie Kayambazinthu: "Codeswitching and Codemixing among Bilingual
Thor May: "Postsupposition and Pastiche Talk"
I. Mel'chuk & B. Podolsky: "Stress in Modern Hebrew Inflection"
Paul Sidwell: "The Proto-Bahnaric Vowel System"
Tonya Stebbins: "What Kind of Rules are Anaphora Rules?"
Xiaokang Zhou: "Process, State-of-Affairs and Situation in Chinese"
 Nick Nicholas. The Nonce and Future Linguist. University of Melbourne.
 "Henry Squirrel was thirsty. He walked over to the river bank where his good
 friend Bill Bird was sitting. Henry slipped and fell in the river. Gravity
 drowned." --- TALE-SPIN Story Generator, James Meehan, Yale AI Lab, 1975.
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