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Sat 14 Jan 1995

Sum: Portable digital recorders for fieldwork

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Message 1: digital recorders

Date: Wed, 11 Jan 1995 11:35:12 digital recorders
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Subject: digital recorders

A couple of weeks before the break I posted a message asking for
information about portable digital recorders for phonetic/phonological
fieldwork. Since a couple of people told me that they were interested in
knowing the results of my inquiry, here is a summary of the replies:
 Several people who replied to me recommended Sony recorders, in particular
the TCD-D7 or the TCD-D10. I am told that these machines are somewhat
expensive. It appears that there is a cheaper but still adequate machine
produced by JVC: JVC XD-p1 PRO BK. The Sony mini disc portable recorder
mz-1 was also highly recommended.
Thank you to everyone who replied to me: Maquela Brizuela, Rianne Doeleman,
Hannes Pirker, Ingo Plag, Stephanie Maietta and Alex Francis. (sorry if I
am forgetting someone's name).
Jose Ignacio Hualde
Dept. of Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese
4080 FLB
Univ. of Illinois, Urbana, IL 61801
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