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Sum: Discourse textbooks

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  1. Karl Krahnke, Discourse textbooks

Message 1: Discourse textbooks

Date: Sun, 26 Feb 1995 23:21:29 Discourse textbooks
From: Karl Krahnke <krahnkeholly.ColoState.EDU>
Subject: Discourse textbooks

Several weeks ago I posted a request for recent introductory texts in
discourse analysis. I received a number of replies that probably covered
the range of possibilities. The most frequently mentioned was
Schiffren's new book:

Schiffrin, Deborah. (1994). Approaches to Discourse. Blackwell. (470 p.)

Other books that were mentioned were the following. Since I have not
been able to check some of the information on these books, I am
reproducing their citations more or less as they were sent to me and in
alphabetical order. I have omitted a few suggestions that were clearly
not general and introductory.

I thank all of those who responded. You were all gracious and helpful.
Since this is already long I will not name you here. You know who you are.

de Beaugrande, R. (1980). Text, Discourse and Process, Longman.

de Beaugrande, R. and Dresler. (1983). Introduction to Text
Linguistics. Longman, London

Chafe, Wallace. (1994). Discourse, Consciousness, and Time: The Flow and
Displacement of Conscious Experience in Speaking and Writing. U. of
Chicago Press.

Cook, G. 1989(?). Discourse. Oxford: OUP.

Coulthard, Malcolm. (1977,1985). An Introduction to Discourse Analysis.

Eggins, Suzanne. (1994). An Introduction to systemic-functional
linguistics. Pinter/St.Martin's.

Fairclough. (1992). Discourse and Social change. Polity Press.

Hartmann, R. R. K. (1980). Contrastive Textology. Comparative Discourse
Analysis in Applied Linguistics. Heidelberg, Julius Groos Verlag. Studies
in Descriptive Linguistics. Vol. 5. 125 pages.

Hatch, E. (1992). Discourse and Language Education. Cambridge:CUP

Hatim B. and Mason I. (1990). Discourse and the Translator. (Longman).

Kamp, H. and Reyle,U. (1993). From Discourse to Logic. Kluwer.

Lambrecht, Knud. (1994). Information Structure and Sentence Form.
Cambridge University Press.

Langford, David. (1994). Analysing Talk: Investigating Verbal
Interaction in English. Basingstoke: Macmillan. (190 p.)

Mann, William and Thompson, Sandra. (1992). Discourse Description:
diverse linguistic analyses of a fund-raising text. Amsterdam: John

Martin, James. (1992). English text. Benjamins.

McCarthy and Carter. (1994). Language as Discourse: Perspectives for
Language Teachers. Longman.

Mey, Jacob. Pragmatics.

Robert E. Nofsinger (1991): Everyday Conversation. Newbury Park: Sage.

Renkema, Jan. (1993). Discourse studies. An introductory textbook.
Amsterdam etc.: Benjamins, ix + 1-224 pp. ISBN 90 272 2136 7

Stenstoem, A.B. (1994). An Introduction to Spoken Interaction.
London: Longman.

Raphael Salkie mentioned his ... "basic introduction to text and
discourse analysis which will be published by Routledge in their
Workbooks series in April. The book basically covers cohesion and
coherence, with some reference to larger textual patterns in the last


Karl Krahnke
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