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LEXIKOS 4 (Afrilex series 4: 1994) - an international lexicographical journal
- Editor: P. Harteveld, Republic of South Africa.
CONTENTS : listed here a selection from the 12 articles and 8 reviews.
A. Carstens: Ideological polysemy in monolingual Afrikaans dictionaries (in
Afrikaans; English summary)
D.L. Gold: Some problems in recording and analysing South African English
vocabulary using non-South African texts.
R.H. Gouws: Ostensive addressing in translation dictionaries (in Afrikaans;
English summary).
I.A. Mel'chuk & L. Wanner: Lexical co-occurence & lexical inheritance.
Emotion lexemes in German: a lexocographic case study.
M. Schlaefer: Der Thesaurusgedanke im Grimmschen Woerterbuch
(English summary).
H. Chimhundu: Ortographic and morphological problems in headword
identification, selection and presentation in ALLEX.
F.J. Lombard: Lexicographer, linguist, dictionary user: an uneasy triangle?
J.S. Mdee: Swahili learner's needs for a monolingual Swahili pedagogical
Publisher: Bureau of the WAT, RSA:
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