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Thu Oct 26 1995

Sum: Historical Data Sets (2nd Summary)

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  1. "Jack Wiedrick", Sum (2): Historical Data Sets

Message 1: Sum (2): Historical Data Sets

Date: Thu, 26 Oct 1995 16:22:25 Sum (2): Historical Data Sets
From: "Jack Wiedrick" <WIED6480VARNEY.IDBSU.EDU>
Subject: Sum (2): Historical Data Sets

I have had several comments, references, and appenda sent to me since
I put out the last summary, so I thought I should put out one more to
tie up all the loose ends. I appreciate everyone's help in finding
the data sets.


1) The work by Pelio Faronzaroli which is mentioned in the
bibliography to Bergstrasser's _Introduction to Semitic Languages_ is
actually seven or more articles which were published over the span of
a decade or so.

2) The Bloomfield articles on Algonquian have been reprinted in _A
Leonard Bloomfield Anthology_ (Hockett 1970), which is apparently
more readily accessible than the originals. There has also been an
abridgement of this anthology which may or may not include both
articles, so that's one to watch out for.

3) Concerning the SIL publication of Swadesh Lists for various
Colombian languages, the accurate information is as follows:
 The book is titled _Vocabulario Comparativo: Palabras Selectas
 de Lenguas Indigenas de Colombia_, compiled by Randall Q. Huber
 and Robert Reed, and published by the Instituto Linguistico de
 Verano, out of Bogota, in 1992. It is biligually presented in
 both English and Spanish, and contains 368 words each for 68
 indigenous Colombian languages, with gloss in both Spanish and
 English. Language families included (with number of
 languages represented in parentheses) are: Arawakan (9),
 Barbacoan (6), Carib (2), Chibchan (6), Chocoan (7), Guahiban
 (5), Kamsa (1), Macu-Puinave (4), Quechuan (1), Saliba-Piaroa
 (1), Tucanoan (19), and Witotoan (7). It can only be obtained by
 direct order from the publisher at the following address:
 Departamento de Estudios Tecnicos
 Instituto Linguistico de Verano
 Apdo Aereo 100602
 Santafe de Bogota, COLOMBIA

New References:

Crabb, David W. 1965. _Ekoid Bantu Languages of Ogoja, Eastern
 Nigeria_. Cambridge UP in assoc. w/ the West African Languages
 Survey and the Institute of African Studies, Ibadan. West
 African Language Monographs Series, no. 4.
 (Contains 436-word lists [the Greenberg Wordlist for West
 African Languages] for 14 closely related languages.
 Transcription is in the West African variant of IPA. Also
 available in ASCII and VAX-based Datatrieve DBMS [*Note: I
 have no clue what all that computer lingo means, so don't take my
 word for it!].)

Fortescue, Michael D. et al. 1994. _Comparative Eskimo Dictionary:
 with Aleut cognates_. Alaska Native Language Center, U of
 Alaska, Fairbanks. ISBN: 1555000517. LCCN: 94-024177.
 (I know nothing of the contents of this book, except that there
 are purported to be Eskimo cognate lists in dictionary format.)

Wichmann, Soren. 1995. _The Relationship among the Mixe-Zoquean
 Languages of Mexico_. U of Utah Press. ISBN: 0874804876. LCCN:
 (As far as I know, since this book apparently just came out, no
 northwest libraries own it yet. I know nothing about
 libraries in other areas of the U.S. It reconstructs a large
 number of words, and apparently contains detailed cognate sets,
 as well as grammar reconstructions of inflectional and
 derivational morphemes and morphology. It uses traditional
 American phonetic notation, "with a few deviations...stick[ing]
 to the possibilities that Word Perfect offers you.")

Well, that's all, I think. Hope this helps others looking (as I was)
for neat data sets to practice on.

Jack Wiedrick
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