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Wed Oct 18 1995

Sum: Second Language Acquisition & Morphology-Syntax

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  1. (Christiane M. Bongartz, Sum: SLA and Morphology/Syntax

Message 1: Sum: SLA and Morphology/Syntax

Date: Tue, 17 Oct 1995 19:50:09 Sum: SLA and Morphology/Syntax
From: (Christiane M. Bongartz <>
Subject: Sum: SLA and Morphology/Syntax

A while back I posted a query about work in second language acquisition and
the morphology/syntax interface. I am grateful to Alan Juffs
( who provided me with the - very helpful -
references listed below. Thanks to both Alan and Donna Lardiere for sharing
work in progress.

References are:

 Hirakawa, M. (1995). L2 acquisition of English unaccusative
constructions. In D. MacClaughlin & S. McEwen (Eds.), Proceedings of the
19th Boston University Conference on Language Development, 1 (pp.
291-302). Somerville, MA: Cascadilla Press.

Juffs, A. to appear . Semantics-syntax correspondences in second language
acquisition. To appear in Second Language Research. 11.

Juffs, A. in press. Learnability and the Lexicon: Theories and Second
Language Acquisition Research. Amsterdam/ Philadelphia, PA. John Benjamins.

Lardiere, D. (1995). L2 acquisition of English synthetic compounds is not
constrained by level-ordering (and neither probably is L1). Second
Language Research, 11, 20-56.

Sorace, A. (1993). Incomplete versus divergent representations of
unaccusativity in non-native grammars of Italian. Second Language
Research, 9, 22-48.

Sorace, A. (to appear). Acquiring linking rules and argument structures
in a second language: the unaccusative/unergative distinction. In L.
Eubank, L. Selinker, & M. Sharwood-Smith (Eds.), Current trends in
interlanguage Amsterdam/Philadelphia PA: Benjamins.

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