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Sum: Applied linguistics texts

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  1. Susan Meredith Burt, Summary: Applied linguistics texts

Message 1: Summary: Applied linguistics texts

Date: Mon, 09 Oct 1995 15:47:48 Summary: Applied linguistics texts
From: Susan Meredith Burt <burtVAXA.CIS.UWOSH.EDU>
Subject: Summary: Applied linguistics texts

Several weeks ago I posted a query to the list about texts for a course in
Applied Linguistics. My heartfelt thanks to the six people who responded.
Since the volume of responses was small, I will simply reproduce them here
for the list. Again, thanks to all--Susan Meredith Burt

<> (Johanna Rubba):

Grabe, Wm. and Robt. Kaplan. 1991. Introduction to Applied Linguistics.
I skimmed this book and read a few chapters. It stays at a pretty general
level, but may be useful if you supplement with some readings that give
specific examples of approaches/strategies/data.
Allen, JPB and S. Pit Corder.1973. REadings for App. Ling.:The Edinburgh
Course in App. Ling. Vol. I. Oxford U. Press.
This is old, but has some articles by important people: Halliday, chomsky,
Joakobson, Ferguson & Gumperz, Austin, etc. Might be good for sampling for
readings. (Alex Housen):

I find the following book particularly useful (although it is getting a bit
outdated; there might be a more recent and revised edition on the market
but I'm not sure about that):
Van Els, T., Bongaerts, T., Extra., G., Van Os., C., & Janssen-Van Dieten,
A., 1984, Applied Linguistics and the Learning and Teaching of Foreign
Languages, London: Edward Arnold.

Alex Housen (Stephen Dodd):
I would highly recommend "Language as Discourse - Perspectives for Language
Teaching" by M. McCarthy & R. Carter (Longman 1994). There is also an
excellent series put out by Penguin called "Penguin English Applied
Linguistics" with titles such as "Introducing Applied Linguistics",
"Introducing Writing", "Introducing Listening", "Introducing Grammar",etc.
I can give you Heffer's e-mail number in Cambridge, U.K. if you are
interested. :

Why not consider:
David Nunan: Research Methods in Language Learning Cambridge Univ. Press, 1993
Evely Hatch and Hossain Farhady: Research Designs and Statistics
Newbury House Publishers, Inc, Rowley Massachusetts
This is literature related to research methods, but gives an insight to
what (at least parts of) applied linguistics is dealing with.

Olaf Husby

<> (Harriet Luria Johnson) :

I would like to suggest the following for your proposed course in Applied
Linguistics for Language Teaching:
Cleary, L.M., & Linn. M.D. LINGUISTICS FOR TEACHERS. New York: McGraw Hill,
I would be very interested in receiving a summary list of suggested texts
and materials for this course. (Apisak Pupipat):

Hopefully, the following would be of some interest to you: 1. Brown,
Gillian, & George Yule (1986?). "The study of language". (Covers almost
everything important AND easy to read.) 2. Fromkin, Victoria (1992?)
"Introduction to language". (Excellent text with good examples, many times
including cartoons.) (Get the newest edition -- 5th?)
3. Wolfson, Nessa (1989) "Perspectives: Sociolinguistics and TESOL".
Cambridge: Newbury House. (Good introduction to sociolinguistics, sth that
all ESL teachers need to know!)
4. Celce-Murcia, Marianne, & Diane Larsen-Freeman (1983) "The grammar book:
An ESL/EFL teacher's course". (THE grammar book that has everything from a
good theoretical explanation on a grammatical point to practical teachng
suggestions and further readings. This is a MUST!) 5. Brown, Gillian, &
George Yule (1983). "Discourse analysis". Cambridge: Cambridge University
Press. (Discourse is a most recent field in (applied) linguistics. This
book, though a bit dated, still contains all the necessary info one needs
to know. It deals with both written & spoken discourse/text analysis.)
Also, you mite wanna include:
1. Nunan, David (1992) "Research methods in language learning" Cambridge:
Cambridge U. Press.
2. Crystal, David (1987) The Cambridge encyclopedia of language". (Same
3. Crystal, David (1991) A dictionary of linguistics and phonetics."
Oxford: Blackwell.
Sorry for the incomplete references and typos.

Susan Meredith Burt
Department of English
University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
800 Algoma Blvd.
Oshkosh WI 54901 USA

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