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Fri 16 Sep 1994

Confs: Fifth J/K Ling, Abstract extension LSA Inst.

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  1. Shoichi Iwasaki, The Fifth J/K Linguistics
  2. , Extension of Abstract Deadline: Conf on Funct'l Approaches to Grammar

Message 1: The Fifth J/K Linguistics

Date: Wed, 14 Sep 94 18:29 PDT
From: Shoichi Iwasaki <IBENAUOMVS.OAC.UCLA.EDU>
Subject: The Fifth J/K Linguistics

 November 4-6, 1994
 University of California, Los Angeles
 LATC Club House (Friday) / 170 Dodd Hall (Saturday/Sunday)

Preliminary Conference Program (subject to minor changes)
 FRIDAY, November 4
11:45 Registration
12:15 Welcome and announcements
Panel I: Syntax [Discussants: Hajime Hoji & Audrey Li, USC]
12:30 "Reconstruction vs. Copying: The Case of Wh-Scope"
 Jung-Goo Kang / Gereon M ller, University T bingen
 Hideki Maki, University of Connecticut
 "An Note on LF WH-movement in Japanese"
 Shin Watanabe, USC
 "Syntactic Movement of Overt WH-Phrases in Japanese and
 Korean" Kunio Nishiyama / John Whitman / Eun-Young Yi,
 Cornell University
 Mamoru Saito, University of Connecticut
 "Barriers for A-Adjunction"
Panel II: Conversation [Discussant: Patricia M. Clancy, UCSB]
3:45 "The Korean Connective nuntey in Conversational Discourse"
 Yong-Yae Park, UCLA
 "Dealing with the Prior Talk: The Use of Discourse Connectives
 in Korean Conversation" Kyu-hyun Kim / Kyung-Hee Suh, UCI
 "Assessment Strategies in Japanese, Korean, and English"
 Susan Strauss / Yumiko Kawanishi, UCLA
 "A Study of Co-Construction in Japanese: We Don't Finish
 Each Other's Sentences"
 Tsuyoshi Ono, UCSB &University of Arizona / Eri Yoshida, UCLA
6:45-8:45 Reception (LATC Club House)
 [sign up at Registration Desk required]

 SATURDAY, November 5
Panel III: Language Change [Discussant: TBA]
9:00 "Subjectificaion and Adverbs in Japanese"
 Naomi H.McGloin, University of Wisconsin-Madison
 "Historical Change of the Japanese Connective datte: Its Form
 and Functions" Junko Mori, University of Wisconsin-Madison
 "On the Development of Sentence-final Particles in Korean"
 Sung-Ock Sohn, UCLA
Ho-Min Sohn, University of Hawaii at Manoa
"Reanalysis of Korean Complex Predicate Constructions"
12:45 "A Pragmatic Analysis of the Committal -ci in Korean: A
 Synthetic Approach" Hyo Sang Lee, Indiana University
1:15 "Cognitive Mapping and Counterfactual Conditionals in
 Japanese" Yukinori Takubo, Kyushuu University
1:45 "Time, Reality, and Agency in Japanese Negation"
 Wesley M. Jacobsen, Harvard University
Panel IV: Korean Phonology [Discussant: Sun-Ah Jun]
2:25 "Perception of Korean Tense and Lax Consonants: Evidence for
 a Geminate Analysis of Tense Consonants"
 Jeong-Im Han, Cornell University
 "The Feature Representation of Korean Coronal Obstruents"
 Hyunsoon Kim, Cornell University/University of Paris, III
 " Five Types of Segmental Rules that Affect the TBU of North
 Kyungsang Korean" No-Ju Kim, Ohio State University
4:10 "The Head-Internal Relative Clause in Japanese: An Empty
 Head Noun Approach" Koji Hoshi, University of Rochester
4:40 "A Reconsideration of Type III Gerund Phrases in Korean"
 Steven G. Lapointe / Sarah Nielsen, UC Davis
5:10 "Classifier Incorporation in Japanese and Korean Partitive
 Constructions" Kuo-ming Sung, Lawrence University

SUNDAY, November 6
Panel V: Japanese Sociolinguistics
[Discussant: Shigeko Okamoto, Cal State Fresno]
9:00 "The Lost (?) Sexual Identity of Japanese Youth
 Naoko Ogawa, UC Davis
 "The Use of Addressee Honorifics in Japanese Elementary
 School Classrooms" Haruko Minegishi Cook, University of Hawaii
10:15 "Distribution of NPIs and Their Licensing in Coordinate
 Structures" Myung-Kwan Park / Ho Han, University of
 Connecticut & Univerity of South Carolina
10:45 "Negative Polarity Items and Rigidity of Scope"
 Keun-Won Sohn, University of Connecticut
11:20 "The Complementary Functions of to and tara: Evidence from
 Procedural Discourse" Patricia Mayes, UCSB
11:50 "Deictic Verbs in Embedded Contexts"
 Yoshiko Matsumoto, Stanford University
12:20 "Nominal Adjectives in Japanese (and in Korean?)"
 Satoshi Uehara, Wellesely College
Panel VI: Syntax/Semantics [Discussant: TBA]
1:30 "Event Argument Binding and Two Types of Complementation
 in Korean" Myung-Kwan Park, University of Connecticut
 "Revised Mapping Hypothesis" Akihiko Uechi, U of British Columbia
 "Anaphora and Individuation of Situations"
 Yookyung Kim, Stanford University
 "Floating Quantifiers and the Stage/Individual-Level
 Distinction" Yoichi Miyamoto, University of Connecticut
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Message 2: Extension of Abstract Deadline: Conf on Funct'l Approaches to Grammar

Date: Fri, 16 Sep 1994 10:02:44 Extension of Abstract Deadline: Conf on Funct'l Approaches to Grammar
Subject: Extension of Abstract Deadline: Conf on Funct'l Approaches to Grammar

 LSA Institute Summer 1995
 University of New Mexico
 Albuquerque, NM

In response to a number of inquiries and suggestions, we would like to
announce an extension of the deadline for Abstracts: Abstracts for
30 minute time slots (paper + discussion) will be received for consideration
until November 1, 1994. Notification of acceptance will be sent out on or
about December 15, 1994.

Please send a one page abstract, along with address information, to: or
 R. Tomlin
 Dept of Linguistics
 University of Oregon
 Eugene, OR 97403

If you have already sent an abstract, you should have been notifed of its
receipt. If you have not been so notified, please contact me at one of the
above addresses. If you e-mail an abstract, please look for confirmation
of receipt, if one does not arrive within two days, please re-submit the

Please note that this conference follows a related one on cognitive
linguistics, sponsored by the ICLA (International Cognitive Linguistics
Association), July 16-21, 1995. We expect that many will want to avail
themselves of the unique opportunity to update their knowledge of what is going
on in these closely related approaches to the study of language by attending
both conferences; and such mutual participation can be expected to enhance the
value of both events.

Finally, I have appended to this message an updated version of the original
conference announcement from last year.

On behalf of the organizing committee...

--Russ Tomlin


 LSA Institute Summer 1995
 University of New Mexico
 Albuquerque, NM

DATES: M-Tu-W-Th-F, July 24-28, 1995
 C. Craig, T. Givon, R. Tomlin (Oregon); S. Thompson (Santa Barbara); P.
Harder (Copenhagen)
To get together active exponents of all branches of the
functionally-oriented linguists working on grammar, for presentation of
research, exchange of ideas, and discussion on the goal, theory and
methods of the functional approach to grammar.
 =Cognition, meaning and grammar
 =Discourse function and grammar
 =Grammar and face-to-face communication
 =Grammar and text processing
 =Function-guided field work and grammatical description
 =Functional perspectives on language acquisition
 =Diachronic syntax and grammaticalization
 =Grammatical typology and universals
 =Methodology and quantification in function-based work
 =Grammar and socio-cultural context
 =Functionalist meta-theory
Jan Nuyts (Antwerp)
Bernd Heine (Cologne)
Lise Menn (Colorado)
Ron Langacker (San Diego)
Matthew Dryer (Buffalo)
Christopher Buttler (York)
Sandy Thompson (Santa Barbara)
Anna Wierzbicka (Canberra)
Wally Chafe (Santa Barbara)
George Lakoff (Berkeley)
Barbara Fox (Colorado)
Marianne Mithun (Santa Barbara)
Suzanne Kemmer (San Diego)
Dan Slobin (Berkeley)
Phil Davis (Houston)
Lachlan McKenzie (Amsterdam)
Bob Dixon (Canberra)
Peter Harder (Copenhagen)
Machtelt Bolkestein (Amsterdam)
Morti Gernsbacher (Wisconsin)
Brian MacWhinney (Pittsburgh)
Bob van Valin (Buffalo)
Matt Shibatani (Kobe)
Mickey Noonan (Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
John Haiman (Macalester)

Everybody is encouraged to submit abstracts for
regular-session papers. Please direct abstract to:
 Russ Tomlin
 Linguistics Dept.
 University of Oregon
 Eugene, OR, 97403
 e-mail inquiries: <>

People are invited to organize special workshops, mini-symposia, panel
discussions or interest sections during the week of theconference. Events
already in planning are:
 (a) Functional Grammar Workshop (M. Bolkeshtein)
 (b) Functionalism and Methodology Session (Craig/Givon/Tomlin)
 (c) Role and Reference Grammar Workshop (R. van Valin)
 (d) [to be specified] (M. Shibatani)
=Welcoming party (Sunday before start)
=Business session (Thursday evening)
=Final party (Friday or Saturday)
(preceding & following weekends)
 =Indian reservations
 =Santa Fe/Taos
 =County Fairs
 =Fiddlin' Contests
 T. Givon
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