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Tue 13 Sep 1994

Confs: Milwaukee date, Purdue, NELS preregistration

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  1. Edith A Moravcsik, Milwaukee conference date
  2. Mary Niepokuj, Announcement
  3. Sabine Iatridou, preregistration NELS

Message 1: Milwaukee conference date

Date: Tue, 13 Sep 1994 17:20:03 Milwaukee conference date
From: Edith A Moravcsik <>
Subject: Milwaukee conference date

Shortly after we announced the new date for the conference on
Functionalism and Formalism in Linguistics (April 11-13, l996),
several people e-mailed us pointing out that, while this date
managed to avoid Easter, it overlapped with Passover. We have
therefore decided to make one final change: come hail or high
water, the conference will be held April 18-20 (Thursday through
Saturday) l996, on the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee campus.

A new call for papers will be posted in the Spring, with the abstract
deadline set for November 17, l995.

 Edith Moravcsik Michael Noonan
( (
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Message 2: Announcement

Date: Sat, 10 Sep 94 16:55:52 -0Announcement
From: Mary Niepokuj <>
Subject: Announcement


Third Annual Workshop on Comparative Linguistics
Purdue University
Nov. 12-13, 1994

This year's topic is "subgrouping." Sessions will cover Methods of
Subgrouping, Southeast Asian, Afro-Asiatic, Indo-European, and Germanic.

A second announcement plus schedule will be posted in mid-October. Watch
this space!

For more information, contact:

Mary Niepokuj
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Message 3: preregistration NELS

Date: Mon, 12 Sep 1994 10:56:46 preregistration NELS
From: Sabine Iatridou <>
Subject: preregistration NELS

Department of Linguistics
619 Williams Hall
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA 19104

This message contains preregistration information and form, as well as the
programs for the two pre-NELS workshops and main session of NELS.

For more information please write to Gene Buckley and Sabine Iatridou at

Preregistration Information

The main session of 25th Annual Meeting of the North East Linguistic Society
will take place October 14-16 in the Rainey Auditorium at the University of
Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. The two workshops will
take place on October 13 in Meyerson Hall on the University of Pennsylvania

The enclosed Preregistration Form must reach us by September 26th. Forms
arriving later must be accompanied by the higher on-site registration fee.


The University Museum is located at the southeast corner of 33rd and Spruce
Streets. Use the Sharpe Entrance on South Street, which is the continuation of
Spruce Street east of 33rd. This entrance can be recognized by Circle Drive,
the cobblestone semicircle inside the gates.

Meyerson Hall, the site of the pre-NELS workshops, is located near the
southwest corner of 34th and Walnut Streets. The Workshop on Language Change
is in room B13; the Workshop on Language Acquisition is in room B3.


Parking lots are located at 34th and Chestnut, 36th and Walnut, 38th and
Walnut, at the Penn Tower Hotel (behind the University Museum, at 34th Street
and Civic Center Boulevard), and at the Civic Center (across from Penn Tower).

Hotel Accommodations

The official hotel for NELS 25 is the Sheraton University City, located on the
northeast corner of 36th and Chestnut Streets. The phone number is (215)
387-8000; fax (215) 387-7920. The discounted rate for conference goers is $89
a night for a single or a double room. On-site parking (also discounted) is $8
a day for guests. You must reserve a room by September 25th in order to
receive the conference rate. For further information contact Shudong Huang at

Crash Space

Anyone desiring crash space should fill out the relevant section of the
preregistration form. We will try to accommodate everyone we can, but since
space is limited, those who respond first will be given preference. Contact
Susan Garrett at for more information.

Sign Language Interpretation

NELS 25 will offer sign interpreting, subject to demand. Anyone requiring this
service must preregister, and request the service, by the September 26th

Copying and FAX Services

Speakers can make copies at Kinko's Copies (3923 Walnut Street; 386-5679);
Campus Copy Center (3907 Walnut; 386-6114); University Copy Service (lower
level of Houston Hall, on Spruce Street two blocks west of the Museum;
898-5320). Kinko's is open 24 hours.

Publishers' Exhibits

Publishers will display their books in the lobby outside the Rainey Auditorium,
where the talks will take place.

NELS Silver Anniversary Reception

The reception for the 25th annual meeting of NELS will take place on Saturday,
October 15, from 7:30 to 10:00 in the Lower Egyptian Gallery at the University
Museum. Use the Sharpe Entrance, just as for the main conference during the
day. There will be hors d'oeuvres and a cash bar among the architectural
remnants of the best-preserved royal palace ever excavated in Egypt, the palace
of Pharaoh Merenptah.


Preregistration Form

To receive the pre-registration discount, this form and a check payable to NELS
25 (US funds) must be received by September 26th. Registrations received after
the deadline will be processed at the on-site fee. We regret that we are
unable to refund fees to registrants who cannot attend. The conference fee
includes entrance to all sessions, a registration packet, coffee breaks, and
admission to the NELS Silver Anniversary Reception.

Please check the appropriate space:

... Student $20 (on-site: $30)
... Other $30 (on-site: $40)

Mailing Address (September 1 to October 13, 1994)
city................... state/province...................
telephone.............. e-mail

... I would like to request crash space.
I am ... male ... female
... I am willing to stay with a person of the opposite sex.
I can bring my own ... sleeping bag and ... towel.
I am allergic to (pets, smoke, etc.).....................

... I need a sign language interpreter. (Attach a separate page indicating for
which sessions.)
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