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Fri 09 Sep 1994

Confs: WECOL'94 program + registration

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  1. Western Conference on Linguistics, WECOL'94 program + registration

Message 1: WECOL'94 program + registration

Date: Fri, 9 Sep 94 10:43:08 -07WECOL'94 program + registration
From: Western Conference on Linguistics <wecolBIOLOGY.UCLA.EDU>
Subject: WECOL'94 program + registration

Preliminary Program

Friday, October 21 - LA Tennis Center

8:30 Registration

Workshop: "Formal Issues in the Study of Negation"

9:00 Negation and the LF structural conditions on NPI licensing
 Maria Uribe-Exebarria (U of Connecticut/MIT)
9:30 N-words, polarity, and unselective binding
 Pilar Pin$ar (U of Arizona)
10:00 Negative polarity items as focus barriers
 Keun-Won Sohn (U of Connecticut)

10:30 Break

10:45 On the interaction between case assignment and negative word licensing
 Manuel Espan$ol-Echevarria (UCLA)
11:15 Overt pied piping and the syntax of negation in Nweh
 Michael Nkemnji (UCLA)
11:45 Negative islands and maximality
 Hotze Rullmann (U of Groningen)

12:15 Lunch

1:00 Amount relatives and the presuppositional/cardinal distinction
 Victoria Tredinnick (U of Pennsylvania)
1:30 Reciprocals and codistributivity
 Uli Sauerland (MIT)
2:00 Semantic funtional projections? (P: Evidence from Russian
 Natalia Kondraskova (U of Wisconsin, Madison)

2:30 Break

2:45 The passive implicit argument and the impersonal pronoun ' man' in German
 Roland Hinterhoelzl (USC)
3:15 Argument shifts and manner incorporation
 Teun Hoekstra (Leiden University)
3:45 Word order, intonation, and noun phrase interpretation in Dutch
 Jan-Wouter Zwart (U of Groningen)

4:15 Break

4:30 A nonhomogenous Wh-dependency: partial Wh-movement in German
 Michael Gamon (U of Washington)
5:00 Feature checking and Spanish se
 Jose Bonneau, Joyce L.S. Bruhn-Garavito and Alan R. Libert (McGill

Saturday, October 22 - Haines Hall 2

9:00 Breakfast

9:30 Case: whatcha see is whatcha get
 Heidi Harley (MIT)
10:00 AspP and licensing of pro-arb objects
 Michael Yadroff (Indiana University/Utrecht University)
10:30 Types, tokens, AgrO & aspect
 Cristina Schmitt (U of Maryland)

11:00 Break

11:15 Object case marking and aspect in Japanese
 William McClure (U of Durham)
11:45 The possessor that stayed close to home
 Alan Munn (U of Missouri)

12:15 Lunch

1:15 Consonant cluster reduction: an optimality theoretic account
 Sung-Hoon Hong and Chang-Kook Suk (U of Arizona)
1:45 Nasal harmony in optimal domains theory
 Jennifer Cole and Charles W. Kisseberth (U of Illinois)
2:15 Hierarchical opacity nasal harmony: an optimality theoretic analysis
 Rachel Walker (U of California, Santa Cruz)

2:45 Break

3:00 A parametric acquisition model for stress
 Paula Fikkert (U of Konstanz)
3:30 The innateness of phonemic perception
 Patricia Donegan (U of Hawaii, Manoa)
4:00 Variation in feature geometry: the case of front vowels
 Stuart Davis (Indiana University)

4:30 Break

5:00 Elan Dresher, Keynote Speaker

6:00 Party

Sunday, October 23 -Haines Hall 2

9:30 Breakfast

10:00 Nominally complex copular constructions
 Andrew Carnie and Heidi Harley (MIT)
10:30 Minimalist verb (projection) raising
 Marcel den Dikken (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

11:00 Break

11:15 Economy of derivation and optional movement
 Geoffrey Poole (Harvard University)
11:45 Negation in language acquisition
 Tetsuya Sano (UCLA)
12:15 Demonstratives and Binding Principle B
 Hajime Hoji (USC)

Alternate Paper
 Prominence at two levels: stress, pitch, and contrast in Welsh
 Anna R.K. Bosch (U of Kentucky)

(Western Conference on Linguistics)

October 21-23
University of California, Los Angeles

Please return to:
ATTN: Registration Committee
Department of Linguistics
UCLA, 405 Hilgard Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90024-1543

Deadline: September 26, 1994 for pre-registration



Mailing Address:

Phone Number: ( )

E-mail address:

Please check amount enclosed:

Before September 26:

Student $15

Non-Student $25

After September 26:

Student $20

Non-Student $30

Please make check payable to:
UCLA Linguistics Department

Please check here if you would like to be considered for "crash space":

NOTE: There is no guarantee that every request for "crash space" can
be accomodated.

Questions may be referred to: WECOLBIOLOGY.UCLA.EDU

- Upon exit the terminal from the lower level, wait at the sign
 "LAX SHUTTLE" located at the island for TRAM C.
- Take Shuttle C to Parking Lot C.
- Take CULVER CITY BUS 6 ($.60) to UCLA.

Many shuttle services provide transportation for the LA area and are
available outside the terminals. Shuttles may be reserved by dialing
the five-digit extension from the courtesy phones located on the walls
at Baggage Claim. Some shuttle services are:

- SUPER SHUTTLE (Ext. 56735)
$18 to the Westwood area
$13-$14 to UCLA campus

- PRIME TIME (Ext. 56737)
$14 to UCLA campus

Services to certain hotels may have a discounted price.



- Follow signs to SEPULVEDA BOULEVARD.
- Go north on Sepulveda to LA TIJERA.
- Turn right (east) on La Tijera; continue on La Tijera to 405 FREEWAY
- Go north on 405 Freeway...


- Continue north on 405 Freeway to SUNSET BOULEVARD.
- Exit on Sunset, continue east (right turn) on Sunset to HILGARD AVENUE.
- Turn right (south) on Hilgard; continue to WESTHOLME entrance to UCLA
 campus (there will be a traffic light and large bus stop).
- Turn right on Westholme; continue to parking and information booth.
 Personnel at parking booth will provide parking tokens ($5.00) and


- Continue north on 405 Freeway to WILSHIRE BOULEVARD.
- Exit on Wilshire; continue east on Wilshire to WESTWOOD BOULEVARD.
- Turn left (north) on Westwood; continue through shopping district and campus
entrance to parking and information booth. Personnel at parking booth will
provide parking tokens and directions.

See enclosed campus map for further details.

All rates listed below are before tax. We suggest that you make
reservations (directly with the hotel) as early as possible. Hotels
marked with asterisks are offering special rates for the conference;
when making reservations with these hotels mention that you are
participating in WECOL at UCLA.

* Holiday Inn, 170 N. Church Lane, Los Angeles, CA 90049.
Phone: 310-476-6411. Fax: 310-472-1157
Rate for both single and double rooms is $72.00. (To receive this
rate, which is at a substantial discount from their ususal one, ask
for the "Western Conference on Linguistics rate"). Up to 4 people may
share a double room. (If you don't already have someone to share a
room with, they will try to pair you with someone else attending the
conference if you like. Speak with Janet Rothman in their sales office
about this). 2 miles from UCLA (they will run a shuttle) Has a
restaurant, pool, weight room, laundry (coin-operated and valet).
There is a $5.00 per day charge for parking.

* Del Capri Hotel, 10587 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90024.
Phone: 310-474-3511 / 1-800-44HOTEL. Fax: 310-470-9999.
Rates: standard room, single occupancy: $70.00
 standard room, double occupancy: $80.00
 deluxe room (single or double occ.): $90.00
 standard suite, single occupancy: $90.00
 standard suite, double occupancy: $100.00
 deluxe suite (single or double occ.): $120.00
Deluxe rooms and suites have two double beds. Every nsuite has a
separated living room with a couch that can be pulled out to sleep two
people, kitchenette (with stove), refrigerator, bar type counter, and
small dining room table. All rooms have adjustable electronic beds.
Rates include continental breakfast and parking. 6 blocks from UCLA
(shuttle to campus available on "first come first served" basis, but
can be pre-arranged) Has a heated outdoor pool, laundry room.

* Ramada Limited Westwood, 1052 Tiverton Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90024.
Phone: 310-208-6677. Fax: 310-824-3732.
Rates: single room (single or double occ.): $59.00
 double room (single or double occ.): $69.00
 mini-suite (single or double occ.) : $75.00
 one-bedroom suite (single or double occ.)$85.00
Mini-suites and one-bedroom suites have queen bed plus queen sofa. All
suites have a kitchen. Some singles and doubles also have a kitchen.
2 blocks from UCLA. Continental breakfast included. Shuttle service
to UCLA/hotel and or airport (LAX) can be arranged at $9.00 for first
person, $5.00 for each additional person.

* Best Western Royal Palace Hotel, 2528 S. Sepulveda Blvd., Los Angeles, CA
90064. Phone: 310-477-9066 / 1-800-528-1234. Fax: 310-478-4133.
Rates: single room (single or double occ.) $60.00
 double room (single or double occ.) $68.00
2 miles from UCLA (shuttle service available at cost). Has a pool and
sunning garden, game room, billiards, sauna, health club, reading
lounge. Continental breakfast. Free parking.

* Los Angeles West Travelodge, 10740 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
90025. Phone: 310-474-4576 / 1-800-578-7878. Fax: 310-470-3117.
Rates: single room (single occupancy): $50.00
1 mile from UCLA (shuttle service available at cost)
Pool, sundeck. Small refrigerator in each room.
Complimentary continental breakfast. Free parking.

* International Travelers Club, 25 Windward Ave, Venice, CA 90291.
Phone: 310-392-3376. Fax: 310-399-1930.
International Travelers Club operates two hotels in Venice Beach:
Cadillac Hotel, and Venice Beach Cotel. Both are right on the Beach,
but far (5+ miles) from UCLA. (There is public bus service to UCLA,
but no shuttle. Shuttle service to the airport can be arranged).

* Cadillac Hotel:
Rates: single or double room $55.00
 shared accomodation (4 people per room): $16.00 per person

Has sauna, gym, ocean view.

* Venice Beach Cotel:
Rates: single or double room: $29.00
 shared accommodation (4 people per room) $15.00 per person

* Hotel Claremont, 1044 Tiverton Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90024.
Phone: 310-208-5957 / 1-800-266-5957. Fax: 310-208-2386.
Rates: single, double or twin room: $39.50
2 blocks from UCLA.
Airport shuttle or taxi can be arranged (at cost).
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