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Mon 05 Sep 1994

Calls: Language, Play and Performance

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  1. brenda danet, Call for Papers: Language, Play and Performance

Message 1: Call for Papers: Language, Play and Performance

Date: Mon, 5 Sep 1994 08:49:05 +Call for Papers: Language, Play and Performance
From: brenda danet <>
Subject: Call for Papers: Language, Play and Performance

 This is a Call For Papers for a special issue of the new
 _Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication_, on LANGUAGE, PLAY,
 AND PERFORMANCE. There is a surprising return to playful,
 expressive "orality" in digital writing, especially in synchronous
 modes like Internet Relay Chat and Muds or MOOs, but even in
 ordinary email, list discussion groups, Usenet newsgroups, etc.
 People play with typography and orthography, with their
 identities (nicknames, role-playing), with language, and with
 cultural content, from real-world experience to fantasy, folklore,
 the comics, and films. Aspects of "performance" traditionally
 associated with genres of face-to-face communication such as
 storytelling, joke-telling, verbal dueling, etc., are flourishing
 on the Net. We find not only unscripted improvisational
 performance, but even instances of scripted performance.

 This special issue of _JCMC_ will gather papers which engage in
 ethnographic description and interpretive analysis of playful
 phenomena. Appropriate topics may include (1) digital playfulness
 as a postmodern phenomenon; (2) flaming as "performance;" (3)
 nicknames on IRC, personas on MUDs and MOOs; (4) improvisation in
 real-world theater vs. the Net; (4) Net culture and the norms and
 practices of essayist literacy. Papers may focus on a single mode
 of CMC, or compare two or more.

 _JCMC_ is a multimedia electronic, peer-reviewed journal, and is
 edited by Margaret McLaughlin, Annenberg School of Communication,
 University of Southern California, and Sheizaf Rafaeli, School of
 Business Administration, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and
 offers exciting new possibilities for scholarly publication.
 Articles may include color graphics, photographs, video, sound,
 etc. The deadline for submissions is February 15, 1995. For
 further information, write to:

 Brenda Danet, Guest Editor of the special issue
 Dept. of Communication and Journalism
 Hebrew University of Jerusalem
 Mt. Scopus
 Jerusalem, Israel 91905
 Fax: 972-2-827069
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