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Sat 03 Sep 1994

Confs: Southeast Asian Linguistics Society, Syntactic theory

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  1. , Conference Announcement
  2. Steven Schaufele, Internet tutorial/seminar on syntactic theory

Message 1: Conference Announcement

Date: Fri, 02 Sep 1994 10:49:06 Conference Announcement
Subject: Conference Announcement

Fifth Southeast Asian Linguistics Society (SEALS) Meeting

May 19-21, University of Arizona, Tucson

Abstract deadline: January 15th, 1995

Contact: Shobhana Chelliah, Department of Linguistics, U. of Arizona
 or: Willem J. de Reuse, Dept. of Anthropology, U. of Arizona

 Tucson, AZ 85721


Look for a more detailed posting by the end of September.
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Message 2: Internet tutorial/seminar on syntactic theory

Date: Fri, 2 Sep 1994 14:17:05 -Internet tutorial/seminar on syntactic theory
From: Steven Schaufele <>
Subject: Internet tutorial/seminar on syntactic theory


Beginning in the first full week of September (or on the Jewish
New Year, or right after the American Labor Day, whichever way
you want to think of it), i will be offering/moderating an informal
seminar in syntactic theory. Anyone interested in participating
should get in touch with me at <>. This
endeavour is being offered free of charge to all participants.

I am hoping that this enterprise can be conducted as an open,
free-wheeling interchange to which each participant brings hanns
primary interests and concerns. I will provide a series of mini-
lectures, broadcast via Internet to all participants, as a frame-
work for discussion, but i hope that the other participants will
engage freely on issues they feel they most need clarification on,
to talk about, etc. If somebody has some special concern that
doesn't seem to be of interest or relevance to the rest of the
group, i can discuss it with said individual privately, using
hanns own e-mail address. I expect our mutual interests, however,
would be best served by general interaction.

Time and interest permitting, we may get to discussing some other
frameworks, but for the time being we will be focussing on the
'Chomskyan school', variously known as 'Government & Binding' (GB),
the 'Revised Extended Standard Theory' (REST), the 'Principles &
Parameters Approach' (PPA), and 'Minimality'. Judging from the
concerns expressed to me so far by interested people, i expect i
will be trying to combine a presentation of the current state of
the framework with an historical perspective on how it has evolved
since the mid-60's.

Because of the free and open-ended quality that i hope will charac-
terize this enterprise, i cannot at this provide a precise schedule
of lectures and discussion topics. But during this month, i expect
we will be covering the following:

1. Basic theoretical assumptions of the framework, focussing
 both on where the 'Standard-Theoretical' school differs
 with other approaches to syntactic theory in this regard
 and where the more modern versions listed above differ
 from the 'Aspects' model;

2. Phrase- and constituent-structure and X-Bar Theory;

3. Government, Binding, and Bounding Theory.
(this last will probably take us into October)

In October, i expect we will get into Theta Theory and Case Theory,
and begin to wrestle with the lexical, semantic, pragmatic, and
morphological interfaces, which will almost certainly take us
through much of November. More detailed updates will be posted at
the appropriate time.

Dr. Steven Schaufele
712 West Washington
Urbana, IL 61801

**** O syntagmata linguarum liberemini humanarum! ***
*** Nihil vestris privari nisi obicibus potestis! ***
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