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Fri 02 Sep 1994

Calls: MT conference in Cranfield (U.K.)

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  1. "J.HUTCHINS", MT conference in Cranfield (U.K.)

Message 1: MT conference in Cranfield (U.K.)

Date: Fri, 02 Sep 1994 15:18:59 MT conference in Cranfield (U.K.)
From: "J.HUTCHINS" <>
Subject: MT conference in Cranfield (U.K.)

 International Conference



 12-14 November 1994

 Organised by
 Cranfield University
 in conjunction with the
 Natural Language Translation
 Specialist Group of the
 British Computer Society


The Conference

The first Cranfield International Conference on Machine
Translation, jointly organised by the BCS-NLTSG and Cranfield,
was held in 1984.

In view of the success of that conference, we are marking its
tenth anniversary at Cranfield by holding another, similarly
jointly-sponsored, international conference on Machine

The title for the Conference is:

 Machine Translation: Ten Years On

Papers centre on what has been achieved in Machine Translation
(MT) and Machine Assisted Translation (MAT) in the ten years on
from 1984, and also what is expected to happen in R & D of MT and
MAT in the next ten years.

Sessions around this theme will range from the theoretical (eg.
"human translation v machine translation" or "recent work on
theory of translation and its message for MT") through the more
practical aspects (eg. research work on the needs for
standardisation and modularisation), to possible future
applications of MT (eg. its use in the telephone or television).
Among other topics are: evaluation of MT systems, developments in
speech-related MT, translation tools, and indeed any topic
relevant to MT or MAT.

Participants may demonstrate their own MT related systems on
stand-alone PCs, or possibly a VAX mainframe, provided they book
this facility in advance (no charge). There will also be an

It is expected that the Conference will help to give an impetus
for further research and development in MT and MAT in the coming
ten years.

We think everyone agreed how successful and enjoyable the '84
Cranfield Conference was. We are expecting the '94 Cranfield
Conference to be even better.

Invited Speakers

Speakers who have already accepted invitations include:

 Yorick Wilks, Sheffield University
 Peter Wheeler, Antler Translation Services, Sparta, NJ
 Veronica Lawson, Translation Consultant, London
 Professor Frank Knowles, University of Aston, Birmingham.
 John Hutchins, University of East Anglia
 Michael Blekhman, Lingvistica, Kharkov, Ukraine

Fees (GBP = Pounds Sterling)

Conference: 300 GBP
 BCS members 255 GBP
(covering attendance at sessions and exhibition, and receipt of proceedings)

Conference (one day attendance): 125 GBP
 BCS members 110 GBP
Residential accommodation: 120 GBP
(covering meals and accommodation for duration of
Conference, ie. two nights and three days.
This includes the special Conference Dinner)


1 These prices are VAT exempt.
2 The prices include the registration fee of 40 GBP.
3 There is a 10% discount if the full fees are paid by
 30th September 1994.
4 Non-residential delegates may pay for individual meals separately.

Organising Committee

Douglas Clarke, Cranfield University.
John Hutchins, University of East Anglia.
Ian Kelly, GSI France, Conference Chair.
Frank Knowles, University of Aston, Birmingham.
Veronica Lawson, Translation Consultant, London.
Monique L'Huillier, Royal Holloway College, University of London,
 Secretary BCS-NLTSG.
Ulla Magnusson Murray, Translation Consultant.
Alfred Vella, Cranfield University.
Boh Wasyliw, De Montfort University.
David Wigg, South Bank University, Chairman BCS-NLTSG.

Further Information

For further information, please contact members of the
Technological Applications of Linguistic Knowledge (TALK) Group
at Cranfield:

Douglas Clarke Alfred Vella
SME SIMS (Bldg.50)
TALK Group TALK Group
Cranfield University Cranfield University
Cranfield Cranfield
Bedford MK43 0AL Bedford MK43 0AL
England England

Telephone: +44 (0)234 750111

Fax: +44 (0)234 750728

Telex: 825072 CRNUN G


Application Form: (Please complete and return.)

 International Conference on

(Tick choices as appropriate)

I propose to attend the Conference.

I would like to demonstrate a computer program on a
________________ computer.

I wish to enquire about the alternative programme.

I enclose the registration fee of 40 GBP. (Please make cheques
payable to "Cranfield University".)
(This will form part of the full conference fee)

I have the following dietary requirements, etc.



Title and name:_______________________________________








Telephone number:_____________________________________

Fax number:___________________________________________

E-mail address:_______________________________________

Conference Papers

To give some idea of the scope and variety of themes covered in
the Conference, the titles of some of the papers offered are
listed here:

* Human Strategies in Translation and Interpretation:
 What MT can Learn from Translators.

* Machine Translation: Ten Years On - Where are the Users?

* Anaphora Resolution in a Machine Translation System.

* Machine Translation, Ten Years On: Discourse has Yet to Make
 a Breakthrough.

* Concept-based Machine Translation and Interpretation.

* Prosodic Information in Automatic Spoken Language

* Machine Translation System in Korean - Japanese Automatic
 Interpreting Telephony.

* Test Suites: Some Issues in their Use and Design.

* Through the Looking Glass to the PARS Land.
 (Description of an English-Russian-English MT
 System using an IBM PC).

* The Role of Semantics in Spoken Dialogue Translation

* On Parameterising the Choice of Words in Text Generation:
 and its Usefulness in Machine Translation.

* Natural Language Analysis and Machine Translation in
 Pilot - ATC Communication.

The full Conference programme will be published and distributed
in due course.

We are grateful to all who submitted abstracts and shall be in
contact shortly regarding acceptance of papers.

Can you suggest colleagues that might appreciate copies of this

Please return this form to:

Douglas Clarke Alfred Vella
SME SIMS (Bldg.50)
TALK Group TALK Group
Cranfield University Cranfield University
Cranfield Cranfield
Bedford MK43 0AL Bedford MK43 0AL
England England

Telephone: +44 (0)234 750111

Fax: +44 (0)234 750728

Telex: 825072 CRNUN G



Cranfield University is a centre of post-graduate and post
experience education and research, heavily involved in contract
work for Government and Industry.

Cranfield is about 50 miles north of London in countryside near
the new city of Milton Keynes. It is easily reached by road or
rail, or by air to the University's own airfield.

Residential accommodation will be available, usually in
individual study-bedrooms in Mitchell Hall, which is on the
Cranfield Campus.

Alternative programme

An alternative programme can be arranged for persons accompanying
delegates. Among places which can be visited are: Milton
Keynes, The Open University, Cambridge, Oxford, Blenheim Palace,
Stratford-upon-Avon and Bletchley Park Museum.
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