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Confs: Tilburg Conference on Rightward Movement

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 Tilburg Conference on Rightward Movement

 6-8 October 1994

 Tilburg University
 Tilburg, The Netherlands

Preliminary Schedule

Thursday, 6 October

10.15 Hubert Haider, Stuttgart University
 All's well that ends well
11.15 Geron Muller, Tubingen University
 On Extraposition and Successive-Cyclicity

12.15 Lunch break

13.45 Carl Alphonce and Henry Davis, UBC
 Motivating Rightward Movement
14.45 Chris Sijtsma, Tilburg University
 On Rightward Movement and Parsing

15.45 Coffee break

16.15 Craig Thiersch, Tilburg University
 Alleged Rightward Movement in Navajo
17.15 Satoshi-Stanley Koike, CUNY
 Leftward Movement in Japanese Relative Clauses
18.15 Richard Kayne, CUNY
 Relative Clauses and Related Matters

Friday, 7 October

10.15 Anoop Mahajan, UCLA
 Two Apparent Rightward Movement Rules in Hindi and their Implications
11.15 Josef Bayer, Friedrich-Schiller Universitat Jena
 CP-Extraposition as Argument Shift

12.15 Lunch break

13.45 Frank Drijkoningen, OTS
 Morphological Strength: Basic and Derived NP position in French
14.45 Carol Neidle, Judy Kegl, Benjamin Bahan and Deborah Aarons, BU/Rutgers
 Rightward Wh-Movement in American Sign Language

15.45 Coffee break

16.15 Hubert Truckenbrodt, MIT
 Towards a Prosodic Theory of Extraposition
17.15 Martina Wiltschko, Institut fur Sprachwissenschaft, Wien
 Extraposition, Identification and Precedence

Saturday, 8 October

10.15 M. Rita Manzini, University College London/Universite di Firenze
 Right Adjunction and Rightward Movement
11.15 Caterina Donati and Alessandra Tomaselli, Universite di Firenze/Teramo
 Language Types and Generative Grammar

12.15 Lunch break

13.45 Eric Hoekstra, P.J. Meertens Institute, Royal Dutch Academy
 Verb Raising and the Kaynian Program
14.45 Daniel Buring and Katharina Hartmann, Universitat Koln/Frankfurt
 Doing the Right Thing

15.45 Coffee break

16.45 Johan Rooryck, Leiden University
 Rightward Movement in Germanic and Romance PPs
17.15 Peter W. Culicover and Michael S. Rochemont, Ohio State U/UBC
 Constraints on Rightward and Leftward Movement

Alternates selected:

Manuala Schonenberger and Zvi Penner, University of Geneva/University of Berne
Verbal Expletives, Idiomatic Reading, and Object Placement in Swiss German

Louis Saez, UCM
Rightward Movement vs. the DIFFERENCE feature

Deborah Mandelbaum, CUNY
The BETTER (of BEST) structure for the comparative and the superlative


Registration will be on-site. Cost of the conference will be fl. 50,=
for full conference, fl. 30,= for any one day. Although no formal
pre-registration is required, we would like you to inform our
organizing secretary of your intention to attend (for organizational
purposes). Please send your name and email address to:

Hotel information

You may contact the hotels directly, or make reservations through the
Dutch tourist agency (`boekingscentrale', ms. Iris van Zetten,
+31-13-36 60 61).

Hotel Cafe Restaurant Central
Spoorlaan 422
5038 CG Tilburg
tel. 013 - 43 62 34
fax 013 - 44 11 01
price: dfl. 100,= dfl. 125,=

Pension J. Driessen
Rossinistraat 247
5049 KD Tilburg
tel. 013 - 55 12 25
price: dfl. 50,= - dfl. 70,=

Hotel Restaurant Ibis
Dr. Hub. van Doorneweg 105
5026 RB Tilburg
tel. 013 - 63 64 65
fax 013 - 68 16 24
price: dfl. 90,= - dfl. 100,=

Hotel De Lindeboom
Heuvelring 126
5038 CL Tilburg
tel. 013 - 35 13 55
price: dfl. 125,= - dfl. 150,=

Hotel Restaurant Mercure Tilburg
Heuvelpoort 300
5038 DT Tilburg
tel. 013 - 35 46 75
fax 013 - 35 58 75
price: dfl. 175,= - dfl. 200,=

Hotel Cafe Restaurant De Postelse
Dr. Deelenlaan 10
5042 AD Tilburg
tel. 013 - 63 63 35
fax 013 - 63 93 90
price: dfl. 150,= - dfl. 175,=

Hotel Cafe Restaurant 't Wapen van
Spoorlaan 362
5038 CD Tilburg
tel. 013 - 42 26 92
price: dfl. 90,= - dfl. 100,=

Pension van der Zanden
Korvelseweg 20
5025 JH Tilburg
tel. 013 - 43 14 38
price: dfl. 50,=

Bastion Hotel
Kempenbaan 2
5018 TK Tilburg
tel. 06-0697
price: dfl. 100,= - dfl. 125,=

How to get to the conference

The conference is being held in the Bestuursacademie, Meerkoldreef 6,
Tilburg-West, tel. +31-13-65 13 51. The Bestuursacademie is situated
in the south-western part of Tilburg and can easily be reached by
train (via Dordrecht) or car from Schiphol Airport (approx. 2 hours)
and also from major cities in the Netherlands and Belgium.

To the Bestuursacademie by car:

>From in front of the central train station drive west along
Spoorlaan/Hart van Brabantlaan/Prof. Cobbenhagenlaan. Turn right at
Conservatoriumlaan, go under the train overpass (Tilburg-West station)
and then turn left on Wandelboslaan and immediately left into Meerkoldreef.

To the Bestuursacademie by train:

The station Tilburg-West is situated within 5 minutes walking distance
south of the conference site. Travellers by local train (from the
directions Eindhoven, Breda and 's-Hertogenbosch) can get off the
train here. Travellers by intercity get off at the central station of
Tilburg and from there can get to the Bestuursacademie by bus or taxi.
They also can change to a local train in the direction of Tilburg-West.

To the Bestuursacademie by bus:

The Bestuursacademie can be reached by the bus routes 6 and 7 (route
6: direction West, route 7: direction Reeshof). To get to the
Bestuursacademie by the routes 6 and 7, you get off the bus first
after it goes under the station Tilburg-West (i.e. when you go under a
rail overpass).

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