LINGUIST List 5.722

Wed 22 Jun 1994

Qs: Congres mondial IVG, References, Morphology & syntax

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  1. Catherine Caws, congres mondial IVG
  2. Michael Earl Darnell, bibliographic references
  3. Rainald Menge, Morphology <-> Syntax

Message 1: congres mondial IVG

Date: Tue, 21 Jun 1994 13:26:27 congres mondial IVG
From: Catherine Caws <>
Subject: congres mondial IVG

Dans les Actes du seminaire international sur la phraseologie qui s'est
deroule a Hull en 1993, on parle d'un congres mondial qui sera organise a
Vancouver, BC, par l'IVG..... Quelqu'un saurait-il ce que IVG represente,
de quelle organisation il s'agit et a quelle periode aura lieu ce congres?

Si oui veuillez me repondre directement a:

Merci mille fois a l'avance,

Catherine Caws
UBC, Vancouver]
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Message 2: bibliographic references

Date: Tue, 21 Jun 1994 12:09:44 bibliographic references
From: Michael Earl Darnell <>
Subject: bibliographic references

Hello to all,
I'm sending this plea out across the net. We are correcting some proofs
for an upcoming book on Word Order in Discourse. One of our authors has
left out two references from his/her paper and has been unreachable for
these corrections. I have checked all of the places I can think of and
the people at the reference desk in our library run the other way when
I walk in. (Perhaps the cites are incorrectly done). Anyway,
Enkvist and Warvik, 1987 --- this cite appears to have something to do
 with coordination in verb-final languages.
Liddel and Scott, 1940 --- this cite appears to relate to an issue of
 coordination vs. subordination in Ancient Greek.

Any possibilities, suggestions, or pure guesses would be helpful, since this
is all we have to go on.

Thanks in advance and please reply directly to me.

Mike Darnell
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Message 3: Morphology <-> Syntax

Date: Tue, 21 Jun 1994 16:22:03 Morphology <-> Syntax
From: Rainald Menge <>
Subject: Morphology <-> Syntax

I am going to write a paper about the connection between Morphology and
Syntax. I want to cover connection such as:
- Theta roles
- Gouvernment and Binding

I also want to investigate processes which turn Syntactic forms into
Morphological ones and the other way round like
- a lot -> alot
- some body -> somebody
( I don't know if the process can be turned around)

Is anyone experienced in this field, and can help me either with a
bibliography or hints or ftp-sites with papers...

Thank you,

- Rainald

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