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Fri 17 Jun 1994

Jobs: Matsuyama Univ, Endangered langs, Max Planck Institute

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  2. George Huttar 709 2400, funds for fieldwork on endangered languages
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Message 1: Position

Date: Wed, 15 Jun 1994 10:47:48 Position
From: <>
Subject: Position

 Please post the following announcement.


Position Available

Matsuyama University
College of Business Administration
June 11, 1994

 Matsuyama University invites applications for a position in the
College of Business Administration. Potential applicants should review
the details of the appointment listed below.

1. Starting date of employment: April 1, 1995

2. Position: Lecturer (Koushi), Assistant Professor (Jokyouju),
 or Full professor (Kyouju)

3. Number of openings: 1

4. Specialization: Applied linguistics (ESL/EFL)
5. Teaching responsibilities: English

6. Qualifications:
 (1) An M.A. and at least 1 year's experience teaching at
 the university level
 (2) An M.A. and at least 1 year in a Ph.D. program

 Note: Native speakers of English will need to have a
 working knowledge of Japanese in order to
 carry out the normal duties of a faculty member.

7. Documents required for submission:
 (1) Resume
 (2) Copy of diploma showing highest degree held
 (3) Transcripts from the last school attended
 (4) List of publications and academic achievements (Note:
 The number of publications, presentations, and
 the like is a very important factor in the selection
 (5) Publications (copies of published books, papers and
 M.A./Ph.D. thesis)
 (6) Letter of recommendation (from M.A./Ph.D. chair or
 (7) Health certificate

8. Deadline for application and submission of documents:

 September 30,1994 (Materials must ARRIVE by this date.)

9. Application address:

 ATTN: Eigo Kyoin Obo Shorui (this line in red, please)

 Professor Mitsunori Harada,
 Dean, College of Business Administration
 Matsuyama University
 4-2 Bunkyo-cho
 Matsuyama, Ehime 790 JAPAN

 Telephone: (voice) (0899) 25-7111
 (fax) (0899) 23-8920

10. Notification of selection results: The selection
 process is tentatively scheduled to be completed
 within a month and a half following the submission
 deadline and notification of applicants will follow this.

11. Salary and personal research budget: As set by the Rules
 and Regulations of Matsuyama University. (Salary
 commensurate with age and experience.)

Note: Please include instructions if you need any of the submitted
 materials (e.g., thesis) to be returned.
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Message 2: funds for fieldwork on endangered languages

Date: Fri, 10 Jun 1994 17:58:00 funds for fieldwork on endangered languages
From: George Huttar 709 2400 <george.huttarSIL.ORG>
Subject: funds for fieldwork on endangered languages

 Re: endangered languages

 Further information on the grants offered by the Summer Institute of
 Linguistics for the study of endangered languages, recently reported by
 Dan Everett (LINGUIST 5-677):

 Currently funds are available for up to four more grants of up to
 $1,000 each. Grants are intended to supplement funds from the
 student's institution (e.g., when the latter funds are not sufficient
 to cover special expenses entailed by fieldwork, such as international
 travel). "Endangered language" remains undefined, but criteria we
 consider include number of known speakers (using a fairly low
 population threshold), current trends in language use, and quantity and
 quality of already available research. Applications should be made by
 the student's supervising professor. Inquiries should be addressed,
 not to the contact person reasonably hypothesized by Everett, but to:

 Academic Affairs
 7500 W. Camp Wisdom Rd.
 Dallas, TX 75236

 phone: 1-214-709-2400
 fax: 1-214-709-3380
 email: florence

 George Huttar (
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Message 3: +0100

Date: Fri, 17 Jun 1994 14:30:38 +0100
From: Antje Meyer <>
Subject: +0100

The Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics is offering
a predoctoral scholarship in the field of language production.

The PhD research project should concern the interface of
phonological encoding and articulation. Therefore, a strong
background in articulatory phonetics and/or experimental
psycholinguistics would be desirable.

Women are especially encouraged to apply.

Contact: Dr. Antje Meyer
 Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics
 Postbus 310
 NL-6500 AH Nijmegen
 The Netherlands

 electronic mail:
 fax: 31-80-521-213

Deadline for receipt of application: July 8, 1994
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