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Fri 10 Jun 1994

Qs: Algonquian, Body parts, Collective numerals, French corpora

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  1. , query
  2. "Suzanne Fleischman", metaphors for body parts
  3. TONY HALL, Re: Collective Numerals/Quantifiers
  4. , collecting french corpora

Message 1: query

Date: Thu, 09 Jun 1994 16:20:04 query
From: <>
Subject: query

 Hi - I need either bibliographic or personal help. I'm working
on James Fenimore Cooper's representation of Native American languages;
in the course of reading around I've come across a couple of Lewis
Cass's polemics against the John Heckewelder's accounts of the language
of the Delaware Indians. (Heckewelder was one of Cooper's sources.)
What I need help with, basically, is figuring out where Cass is right
and where Heckewelder is. It's not exactly easy to read contemporary
accounts of Algonquian languages and figure out what implications they
have for judging Cass and Heckewelder. So my question is, 1) are there
some accounts of the history of American Indian linguistics that could
help me here? (I've read Jarry Joijer's sketch in _Native Languages of
the Americas_ - and obviously that should be "Harry Hoijer") or 2)
if the answer to 1) is "no," is there someone versed in these questions
who'd be willing to let me ask him or her a few questions about the
terms and arguments Cass and Heckewelder use for describing Delaware?
Thanks very much - Larry Rosenwald (
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Message 2: metaphors for body parts

Date: Thu, 9 Jun 1994 11:14:50 -metaphors for body parts
From: "Suzanne Fleischman" <>
Subject: metaphors for body parts

Could anyone point me in the direction of information on the
metaphorical associations that have come to attach to body parts (e.g.,
heart, blood, gut) in the popular imagination, synchronically or
diachronically. This is not about the metaphorical use of body
parts as, e.g, sources for grammaticalization, but rather about the
associations/mythology that has come to surround certain body parts in
particular cultures or cross-culturally.


Suzanne Fleischman
UC Berkeley
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Message 3: Re: Collective Numerals/Quantifiers

Date: 9 Jun 94 14:06:33 BST
From: TONY HALL <>
Subject: Re: Collective Numerals/Quantifiers

I posted this message a few months ago but received no replies of any
great use. Could you please post it once again.

 I am interested in those languages that have both CARDINAL numerals
 [NumK] and COLLECTIVE numerals [NumColl] (however they may be defined)
 and the different (or matching) syntactic scope of each. I am
 familiar with the Slavonic languages (which I teach) and some of the
 linguistic theory attached to them; I have also encountered studies
 carried out in Maltese, Georgian, Irish, and Arabic. (References can
 be supplied)

 I should like examples of the following:

 - where a language has the option of CARDINAL vs. COLLECTIVE -

 A. collocations that FORCE [NumColl]
 B. collocations that BLOCK [NumColl]
 C. collocations that FAVOUR [NumColl]
 D. collocations that FAVOUR [NumK]

 The results I shall post once the data have been received. Please
 reply to me directly at:

 Thanking you all in anticipation for your help.
 Tony Hall.
*** Tony Hall
*** Department of Russian Language
*** University of Birmingham
*** Edgbaston Tel: +44 (0)21 414 3227
*** Birmingham B15 2TT Fax: +44 (0)21 414 5966
*** United Kingdom Email:
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Message 4: collecting french corpora

Date: Thu, 9 Jun 94 18:00:33 +02collecting french corpora
From: <>
Subject: collecting french corpora

It seems that there are not many French language corpora available
on ftp. Some professionals I talked with have pointed out that a
special collection of texts would be very useful, among other things,
to compare various computer linguistics tools.

I am working on knowledge acquisition, and I am trying to impulse in
my laboratory the collection of such corpora, to make them freely
accessible to all. Before actually starting this project I want to
collect as much information and advice as possible. In particular, I
want to avoid undue competition with similar initiatives.

I have heard about the ELSNET European initiative, in which French
texts are available for sale on CD, but there are rather few, and
cover only general knowledge, not specialized domains.

My goal is different: I would like to have French native speakers to
organize the collecting, to and make the texts available by ftp at no

Contact me if you are interested or can provide advice, information,
help, and corpora. Technical/scientific texts are welcome.

director, ERIC (Equipe de Recherche en Ingenierie des Connaissances)
ENSAIS 22,bd de la Victoire
67087 Strasbourg-Cedex
tel (33) 88 14 47 53
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