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Thu 09 Jun 1994

Sum: Translation Software for English - Mandarin, Russian, Greek

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  1. Ellen Ricca, SUMMARY: Translation Software for English <-> Mandarin, Russian, Greek

Message 1: SUMMARY: Translation Software for English <-> Mandarin, Russian, Greek

Date: Sat, 28 May 1994 19:58:18 SUMMARY: Translation Software for English <-> Mandarin, Russian, Greek
From: Ellen Ricca <>
Subject: SUMMARY: Translation Software for English <-> Mandarin, Russian, Greek

As promised, below is my question and a summary of
the responses received. Thanks to Ben Petre,
Wenchao Li, Da Jun, and Mark Verhijde.

I asked,

>Does anyone know of any commercial or free translation
>software (for Windows, preferably) that will convert a
>document (Word for Windows, preferably) from English to
>Mandarin, English to Russian, and English to Greek?
>A second question, assuming the first doesn't pan out:
>Does anyone know where I could get a TrueType Mandarin
>font and a TrueType Greek font?
>I already have one for Cyrillic.
>Thanks in advance for any assistance!
>Ellen Ricca
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The replies:

If you do find something like this for Greek I'd be VERY surprised
(and very interested).

TT Greek and Hebrew fonts (with all necessary accents) for MS
Windows are contained in the WinGreek program developed by Andrew
Fountain (UK) and Peter Gentry (Canada). Below is a copy of the
information file "readme.txt" included in the package:

 WinGreek Version 1.9

 WinGreek - Greek and Hebrew Package for Windows 3.0 and 3.1

Shareware Package for using Greek and Hebrew in Windows.


-Screen Fonts for Hercules, EGA, VGA & 8514
-Printer fonts for 9-Pin & 24-Pin Printers, HP Desk/LaserJets &
-Utilities for Entering Accents (European Languages & Greek) and
 Converting between File Formats (WinGreek <=> CCAT).

NEW IN VERSION 1.9 Maintenance Release Fixing Many Minor Bugs.

NEW IN VERSION 1.8: New Greek Font and New Versions of Utilities.

NEW IN VERSION 1.7: Coptic / Greek / Hebrew TrueType Font for Windows
 TrueType For All Printers Supported by Windows 3.1.

If You Receive WinGreek in PKZIP Files, PKUNZIP will produce the

Authentic files Verified! # EMK287 PETER J GENTRY

More info from Peter Gentry at
<> OR


Ben Petre (Grad student, Monash Linguistics)


Hi Ellen,
I think I've come across English - Mandarin translation software someware,
although I remember it being somewhat costly. I can look it up for you if
you're interested. Also, about Mandarin truetype fonts, you can get them from
a number of sources, which again I'll have to look up the addresses for, but
off-hand I can remember
(1) Ecological linguistics, Washington DC (about $60)
(2) Linguists' Software, Seattle (about $60)
(3) 4 TT fonts come with Apple's CHinese Language Kit ($180)
(4) The company that sells the translation stuff also has a TT font package for
about $1000 (one thousand -- not a typing error)
(5) Pacific Rim Connections, San Francisco
(6) Tseng and Tsui COmpany, Boston
(7) Another company in Hong Kong
Other people on the net will probably send you the addresses for 1 and 2, but
if you need more details do let me know, and I'll look 'em up for you.

you can also get Greek TT fonts from Ecological linguistics
and Linguists' Software.

Wenchao Li
Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford University


Hi, there:

For commonly used Mandarin fonts, you can ftp under the directory
/pub/software. You will find many common fonts available for Mandarin
processing. As a rule of thumb, you will need Chinese word processors
such as Nanji Star to use those fonts.

Da Jun
Department of Linguistics
University of Texas at Austin


Dear Ellen Rica,

Perhaps you could try to get the pProgram WinGreek (Shareware) with great
fonts of Greek, Hebrew and (I believe) Coptic. WinGreek is a windows
application and should work fine with Word for Windows 6.

Mark Verhijde
Research Institute for Language and Speech
Utrecht, The Netherlands
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