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Calls: Going Romance 1994

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Message 1: Calls: Going Romance 1994

Date: Mon, 30 May 1994 15:08:59 Calls: Going Romance 1994
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Subject: Calls: Going Romance 1994


 Eighth Symposium on Romance Linguistics

 Utrecht, December 8, 9 and 10, 1994

 Research Institute for Language and Speech (OTS)
 Holland Institute of Generative Linguistics (HIL)
 Department of Romance Languages and Cultures (Utrecht Uni=



We would like to invite papers focused on some area of Romance Lingui=
stics and
which bear on one (or more) of the following theoretical issues:
 The empirical motivation for the choice between a derivational an=
d a repre-
sentational approach in phonology and syntax;
 The nature of the output conditions in phonology and syntax: Whic=
h condi-
tions apply at the interface levels? Which conditions are defined on =
the single
steps of the derivation or on single levels of representation? Are ec=
onomy con-
ditions exclusively defined as `optimality' requirements on derivatio=
ns or may
they also assume the form of more complex conditions on the interface=
 Movement as `last resort': Which kind of features are admitted as=
mate `morphological' features triggering movement? To which extent ca=
n lin-
guistic variation be reduced to parameters concerning the mapping int=
o PF? How
is the distinction between `strong' and `weak' features to be underst=
ood? Which
kind of evidence is available to the child in order to fix the parame=
ters go-
verning the different types of mapping?

We are pleased to announce that the following speakers have accepted =
our invita-
tion: Luigi Burzio, Joan Mascar=A2, Jean-Yves Pollock and Maria Luisa=


Those interested in submitting a paper are invited to send 5 anonymou=
s copies=20
of an abstract not exceeding 2 pages, plus one camera-ready original =
author's name, address, affiliation and e-mail address. Abstracts sub=
mitted by=20
e-mail or fax within the deadline can be accepted under the condition=
 that a=20
camera-ready original is received within 1 week.
 Deadline for the submission of abstracts is August 31, 1994.


Organizing Committee: D. Delfitto (Romance / OTS), F. Drijkoningen (O=
A. Hulk (French / HIL), S. Menuzzi (HIL), M. Nespor (Italian / HIL), =
M. Pinto

Address: c/o Manuela Pinto, OTS, Trans 10, 3512 JK Utrecht, The Nethe=
Phone: ++31-30-536006, fax: ++31-30-536000.
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