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Thu 02 Jun 1994

Qs: Methods, X-ware Words, Parsing, Teaching Collaboration

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  1. Merja Koskela, Testing the intersubjectivity of methods
  2. Lluis de Yzaguirre i Maura, X-ware Words
  3. Ted Pedersen, Parsing with incomplete dictionary???
  4. Anthea F Gupta, 0800 (SST)

Message 1: Testing the intersubjectivity of methods

Date: Thu, 2 Jun 1994 15:36:13 +Testing the intersubjectivity of methods
From: Merja Koskela <>
Subject: Testing the intersubjectivity of methods


Can anybody help me localize articles/books where the method(s) of analysis
are tested concerning the intersubjectivity of the results?

I am at present conducting an analysis of cohesion/coherence of some
texts. However, the experiencing of coherence seems to be very intuitive.
That is why I am planning to test the intersubjectivity of my results
by having several people analyse a text using the same method.

I am sure this kind of tests have been carried out before, but since
I do not have immediate access to the latest journals on reading
research and psycholinguistics for example, I would much appreciate
any references that you might know of.

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Message 2: X-ware Words

Date: Wed, 1 Jun 94 16:46:07 +02X-ware Words
From: Lluis de Yzaguirre i Maura <>
Subject: X-ware Words

Lluis de Yzaguirre i Maura


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I'm analyzing the translations and adaptations of the
terms "software", "hardware" and other "X-ware" words
to Catalan.

It would be extremly helpful to have a list of all "X-
ware" words that the "listers" know, as:

firmware, netware, groupware, eduware, romware,
shareware, freeware, helpware, cardware, beerware,
taxware, etc.

A list of French "X-ciel" words would be valuable too:

logiciel, didactiel, languiciel, etc.

Thank you very much.

Referencia: Linguist WARE 940517
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Message 3: Parsing with incomplete dictionary???

Date: Wed, 1 Jun 1994 16:13:16 -Parsing with incomplete dictionary???
From: Ted Pedersen <>
Subject: Parsing with incomplete dictionary???

I have noticed that many parsers do not deal very well with words that
do not appear in their dictionaries. If a sentence with a word not
known to the parser is input it usually seems that the parser will
just stop and say that the word is not found.

Is anyone aware of parsers that try and make the best of this bad
situation? I'm interested in finding out about research/parsers that
try and parse sentences with previously unknown words.

For example:

> I am a Fabian.
*Fabian* not found.

The parser doesn't know what a Fabian is. But it might be able
to guess that it is a proper noun since it follows 'I am a' and it is

Any hints about research that heads in this direction would be most

* Ted Pedersen *
* Department of Computer Science and Engineering, *
* Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX 75275 (214) 768-2126 *
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Message 4: 0800 (SST)

Date: Thu, 2 Jun 1994 08:38:26 +0800 (SST)
From: Anthea F Gupta <>
Subject: 0800 (SST)

World Englishes: Teaching Collaboration

I am looking for people in `inner circle' countries (to use Kachru's
terms) who are teaching courses in World Englishes and may be interested
in a teaching partnership. I am teaching such a course here at Yr 4 level
(advanced undergraduate) and find that our students have various
misconceptions ("all native speakers have perfect control of StdE"
"everyone in Britain speaks RP" "RP is the standard pronunciation all over
the world" "Europeans all speak English" -- are just a few). It seems likely
 that students in other parts of the
world would have different misconceptions, and both parties could benefit
from an exchange.

I would envisage an initial exchange of video tapes, plus e-mail and
`talk' linkage. If my university will finance it we may be able to get a
video link-up session for a live discussion (I would want to apply for this).

TWO PROBLEMS: 1) We are in time zone GMT +8
 2) My course runs in our Semester 1, which is July-October.

If you are interested in exploring this possibility please contact me below.

Anthea Fraser GUPTA

English Language & Literature
National University of Singapore
Kent Ridge e-mail:
Singapore 0511 telephone: (65) 772 3933
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