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Tue 24 May 1994


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  1. "Dr. K.N. Simms", Conference Announcement

Message 1: Conference Announcement

Date: Sun, 22 May 1994 16:22:57 Conference Announcement
From: "Dr. K.N. Simms" <>
Subject: Conference Announcement

 Announcing an International Conference at the University of Liverpool
 4th -5th July 1994


An interdisciplinary conference in the fields of linguistics, semiotics,
philosophy, psychoanalysis, and literary theory

 Over 50 speakers from Europe, North America and Asia

 Speakers include


Registration with lunch: 60.00 pounds waged; 45.00 pounds unwaged
Registration with lunch, dinner, bed and breakfast: 100.00 pounds waged; 80.00
pounds unwaged

Programme and booking form available from:
Dr Gill Richardson, AELSU Co-Ordinator, Modern Languages Building, P.O. Box 147,
Liverpool L69 3BX England. Tel. +44 (0)51 794 2734; fax +44 (0)51 794 2739

Cheques payable to "University of Liverpool". Closing date for receipt of fees:
24th June.

Full provisional programme follows:-


 11.30 - 1.30: Arrival and Registration

 1.30 - 4.00: The Semiotic Subject

Concurrent papers:

1.30: Pamela J. K. Owen
 "Transcending the Subject-Object Dichotomy in Assessing Written English"

 Thomas West Gregory
 "From Ekphrasis to Concrete Poetry"

 Celine Surprenant
 "The Mass in Saussure's _Cours de linguistique generale_"

2.00: Elham Al-Bassam
 "Semiotic Approach to Arabic Poetic Texts"

 Mikita Hoy
 "Blue Prints and Bodies: Paradigms of Desire in Hard Core Porn"

 Karl Simms
 "Wittgenstein and the Possibility of Semiosis"

2.30: Malcolm Pittock
 "Animals as People: People as Animals"

 Xavier Mendik
 "Transgressive Bodies: Pollution and Taboo"

 Sean Cubitt
 "Subjectivities of Reading from the Library to the Datanet"

Plenary session:

3.00: Thomas A. Sebeok
 "The Semiotic Subject and Self"

 4.00: Afternoon Tea

 4.30 - 7.30: The Post-Cartesian Subject

Concurrent papers:

4.30: Tim Woods
 "The Ethical Subject: The Philosophy of Emmanuel Levinas"

 Andrew Walsh
 "`Multiple Drafts' and the Post-Cartesian Subject"

 Dan Hutto
 "The Story of the Self: The Narrative Basis of Self-Development"

5.00: Robin Durie
 "Indication and the Awakening of Subjectivity"

 S. J. Southgate
 "A Case for the Reconsideration of a Pre-Linguistic Subject"

 Leigh Clayton
 "The Absent Signifier: Historical Narrative and the Abstract Subject"

5.30: Max Pensky
 "Intersubjectivity and Memory in the Discourse Ethic"

 Seirol Morgan
 "Words Misunderstood: Kundera's Private Languages"

 Sean Burke
 "The Ethics of Signature"

6.00: Wil Coleman
 "Against `Social Constructionism'"

 Stephen H. Clark
 "Narrative Identity in Ricoeur's `Oneself as Another'"

Plenary session:

6.30: Jonathan Ree
 "Subjectivity in the Twentieth Century"

 8.30: Dinner at The Gladstone Hotel


 9.00 - 11.30: The Subject and the Psyche

Concurrent papers:

9.00: Jo Croft
 "Looking Up the Adolescent in Freud's Index"

 Elaine Ball
 "Technologies of the Self"

 David Brottman
 "Mrs Bates in Plato's Cave"

9.30: John Phillips
 "The Subject and the Other"

 Wendy Wheeler
 "Two Walks"

 Jeffrey Rodman
 "Defoe and the Psychotic Subject"

10.00: John C. Kelly
 "Disinterring the `Dead Father': Mapping the Postmodern Psyche"

 Lisa Phillips
 "Wholeness in Manifoldness: Nietzsche and Foucault"

 Patrick Quinn
 "Being on the Boundary: Aquinas' Metaphor for Subject and Psyche"

Plenary session:

10.30: Jean-Jacques Lecercle

 11.30: Morning Coffee

 12.00 - 1.00 and 2.00 - 3.30: The Social Subject

Concurrent papers:

12.00: Chouliaraki Lilie
 "Social Scientific Narratives: Constitution of the Ethnographic Subject"

 Maria Casas
 "No Language is Neutral: Bilingualism and Code-Switching"

 Pedro Jose Chamizo Dominguez and Francisco Sanchez Benedito
 "Euphemism and Dysphemism: Ambiguity and Supposition"

12.30: Joan Turner
 "The Observing I: Conceptual Metaphor in Academic Discourse"

 Vimala Herman
 "Representations of Female Subjectivity in Dramatic Discourse"

 Martin Corner
 "The Speaking Person: Bakhtin's Subject"

 1.00: Lunch at the University of Liverpool

2.00: Maggie Wykes
 "Agency and the Construction of Gendered Subjects in Press Accounts"

 Mark Hutchings
 "The Semiotics of Economics in `Committed' Drama"

 Keith Green
 "The Shifting _Origo_ and the Deictic Centre of Orientation"

Plenary session:

2.30: Michael Hoey
 "The Discourse's Disappearing (and Re-Appearing) Subject"

 3.30: Afternoon Tea

 4.00 - 5.30: The Literary Subject

Concurrent papers:

4.00: Susan Watkins
 "Constructions of the Feminine Subject in Charlotte Bronte's _Villette_"

 Alan Rawes
 "Lord Byron: `To create, and in creating live a being more intense'"

 Martin Gough
 "The Death of the Author and the Life of the Subject"

4.30: Phillip Johansen
 "Lifting the Literary Subject's Veil"

 Angus Cleghorn
 "Male and Female Typologies in Wallace Stevens"

 Nelia Scott
 "The Translator/Creator of his Own Text(?)"

5.00: Derval Tubridy
 "_Watt_ and the Surface of Sense"

 D. S. Marriott
 "Aspects of Ousia and Transitive Verb Form in Fenollosa and Pound"

 Rainer Emig
 "In Parenthesis: The Subject at War"
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