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Sat 21 May 1994

Sum: German pidgins

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Message 1: Summary on pidgin german

Date: Thu, 19 May 1994 16:00:15 Summary on pidgin german
From: <KNAPPENVKPMZD.kph.Uni-Mainz.DE>
Subject: Summary on pidgin german

Thanks to all, who answered my query about german based pidgins and

gateway"" (Claudia Kurz)
gateway"" (Claudia Gdaniec)
gateway"" (Hans Dinsen-Hansen)
gateway"" (Dorothee Beermann)
gateway"" (Malcolm Ross)
gateway"" (Guenther Radden)
gateway"" (Lance Eccles)

Four respondants pointed out that Prof. Peter Muehlhaeusler at University
of Adelaide, Australia is _the_ expert on this topic. A list of references
is appended. Related topics mentioned are ,,Gastarbeiterdeutsch'' and
german contact languages in eastern central europe. As an interesting
aside, one informant noted that eastern european ,,pidgin'' german
distinguished dative and accusative.

Yours, J"org Knappen.

List of References:

John Holm, Pidgins and Creoles (Cambridge UP 1989), vol. 2, p. 610 ff.

Muhlhausler, P. 1977. Bemerkungen zum "Pidgin Deutsch" von Neuguinea.
In: Molony, C., Zobl, H., Stolting, W. (eds.). German in Contact with other
Languages. Kronberg: Scriptor Verlag, p. 58-70.

Martin Puetz, Habilitationsschrift, University of Duisburg

Volker, C. 1989. Rabaul Creole German Syntax. Working Papers in
Linguistics, University of Hawaii 21:153-189.

----, Master thesis, University of Queensland, Australia.
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