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Sat 21 May 1994

Sum: Romanian

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  1. Angus Grieve-Smith, Sum: Romanian

Message 1: Sum: Romanian

Date: Tue, 10 May 1994 11:18:52 Sum: Romanian
From: Angus Grieve-Smith <>
Subject: Sum: Romanian

 A few weeks ago I posted the following query:

 Date: Tue, 19 Apr 1994 15:11:57 -0500 (CDT)
 Subject: Q: Summer Romanian

 Does anyone know of a college/university offering a course in
Romanian this summer? In a bizarre turn of events, the American
Council of Learned Societies approved a grant for me to study the
language at Indiana University, but denied a grant for Indiana to
teach it.


 Sorry to have taken so long to post a summary, but I've been
caught up in exams and such.

 First of all, Indiana will be offering Romanian this summer;
that's been confirmed by the ACLS and by the Slavic Department. So
all this has been resolved happily. And for those of you interested
in Romanian, I'll share the other information I discovered.

 First of all, the only other summer program I heard of was at
UCLA. I'm sure it's a great program, but gritty LA in mid-summer just
doesn't sound like that much fun. Michael Heim put the information

> From: "MICHAEL HEIM" <>
> To:
> Date: Wed, 20 Apr 1994 14:51:16 PST
> Subject: Summer Romanian at UCLA
> Dear Angus Grieve-Smith:
> UCLA offers an Elementary Romanian course this summer from 27 June to
> 19 August. The instructor is Georgiana Farnoaga. You can request a
> catalogue and application form from the Office of Summer Sessions
> (310/794-8333 or If you need to speak to
> the instructor, you can reach her at the Department of Slavic
> Languages (310/825-2676).
> Michael Heim

 Other net.linguists were helpful in suggesting places that
offer Romanian during the year, but they happen not to be offering a
summer course this year. Dan Bayer suggested Ohio State:

> Date: Wed, 20 Apr 1994 8:06:09 pct
> From: Dan Bayer <>
> Subject: Rumanian Summer Program
> I would give Ohio State a try. I am not sure if they will offer
> intensive Rumanian this summer, but they have before. E-mail Rose
> Cormanick <> who is program
> coordinator in the dept of Slavic & East European Languages. Again,
> no guarantee, but with ACLS money...
> --Dan

 From other sources, the phone number for the Ohio State Slavic
Department is (614) 292 - 6733.

 Ernie Scatton of SUNY-Albany (escattonalbanyvms) suggested I
post a query to "SEELANGSCUNYVM.bitnet...a Russian and East U
European list that reaches Slavic depts., where Romanian is taught."
He also suggested I contact Jim Augerot of the University of
Washington ( Augerot had already told
me by phone ((206) 543 - 5484; Slavic department 543 - 6848) that
Washington was not offering Romanian in the summer.

 In addition to this help I would like to add suggestions given
me by the various departments I called. The University of Pittsburgh
occasionally offers Romanian; their number is (412) 624 - 4141. The
University of Rochester also offers it.

 Finally, this fall, Kostas Kazazis of our own Linguistics
department here at the University of Chicago will be teaching a course
in Romanian, and I was planning to study it with him then as well.

 Thanks to all the people who responded!

 -Angus B. Grieve-Smith
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