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Mon 16 May 1994

Confs: Langues et Grammaire 1 Conference PARIS JUNE 23-25

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  1. , Langues et Grammaire 1 Conference, PARIS JUNE 23-25

Message 1: Langues et Grammaire 1 Conference, PARIS JUNE 23-25

Date: Mon, 16 May 94 15:33:57 +0Langues et Grammaire 1 Conference, PARIS JUNE 23-25
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Subject: Langues et Grammaire 1 Conference, PARIS JUNE 23-25

This is the Preliminary program for the Langues et Grammaire 1
Conference to be held In Paris at the University of PARIS-8
in JUNE 23-25.
The conference includes a special session on Have and Be:

Thursday June 23
8.00 Registration
9.00 Specificity and Scope
 Donka Farkas, UCSC
9.45 Reflexifs Aspectuels
 Aafke Hulk & Leonie Cornips
 University of Amsterdam
10.30-11.00 COFFEE
11.00 Les Phenomenes d)accord dansles temps composes
 Marc Ariel Friedman & Tal Siloni
 Universite de Geneve
11.45 Acquiring Have and Be
 Janet Randall, Northeastern University
 Angeliek van Hout, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics
 Jurgen Weissenborn, MPI
 Harald Baayen, MPI

12.30-14.30 LUNCH


14.30 Rethinking Reverse Copular Constructions
 Caroline Heycock
 University of Edinburgh

15.15 Be or No BE
 Michel DeGraff
University of Michigan

16.00-16.30 COFFEE

16.30 Spanish Haber is in Tense
 Ignacio Bosque
 Complutense University, Madrid
 Esther Torrego
 UMass Boston
17.15 The case of Auxiliary selection
 Martin Everaert
 OTS/Utrecht University
18.00 HAVE-BE Attribution and Incorporation
 Christine Tellier, UQAM


AVOIR augmente et non augmente
 Rose-Marie Decaine
 Teun Hoekstra
 Johan Rooryck
 University of Leiden
09.45 BE-support and Existential quantification
 Natalia Kondrashova
University of Wisconsin Madison
10.30-11.00 COFFEE

11.00 Ni = Ni+", or Yoruba "have"=Comp +Default Agreement
 Victor Manfredi
 Boston University
11.45 HAVE, Possessive Causatives and Inclusion
 Robert S. Belvin
University of Southern California

12.30 - 14.30 LUNCH

14.30 Le Paradoxe des Diphtongues
 Jean Pierre Angoujard
15.15 Le causatif et le causatif reflechi en Arabe et en Semitique
 Abdellah Chekayri, Universite Paris 8
16.00 Representing the Duality of Glides
 Elisabeth Hume
The Ohio State University

16.45-17.15 COFFEE

17.15 L"apophonie dans les verbes "forts" en Allemand Moderne
 Philippe Segeral & Tobias Scheer, Universite Paris 7

18.00 L" imperatif du chaha et la representation des voyelles longues
 Jean Lowenstamm, Universite Paris 7

19.30 PARTY

Saturday JUNE 25

09.00 Case checking and the OV/VO parameter
 Ad Neelman, OTS/University of Utrecht

09.45 That Trace phenomena: A non Head Government approach
 Anna Roussou
 University College London and University of Wales Bangor

10.30-11.00 COFFEE

11.00 On the status of the Italian bisyllabic clitic "loro"
 Paola Monachesi
 Tilburg University

11.45 Syntaxe et Semantique des Verbes modaux
 Co Vet
Universtiy of Groningen & Universite Paris 8

12.30 HAVE_PP and the Tense of Past Participle
 Manuela Ambar
Universidade de Lisboa

13.15 - 15.15 LUNCH

15.15 Aspect Shift
 Alessandro Zucchi
University of Illinois

16.00 On the Quantificational Nature of Weak NPs
 Elena Herburger
University of Southern California

16.45 - 17.15 COFFEE

17.15 Intervention Phenomena : Towards an Extended Monotonicity Calculus
 Mark Kas & Frans Zwarts
University of Groningen

18.00 Binding: Case-Marking vs. C-Command
 Edward L. Keenan & Edward P. Stabler
University of California Los Angeles

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