LINGUIST List 5.539

Sat 26 Mar 1994

Qs: General education courses; Metonomy & discourse

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  1. Lynn Gordon, Query about "General Education" courses
  2. Adam Karpinski, Metonymy and Discourse

Message 1: Query about "General Education" courses

Date: Wed, 23 Mar 94 16:05:49 PSQuery about "General Education" courses
Subject: Query about "General Education" courses

 Washington State University, like many schools, requires
undergraduates to select a certain number of courses from a
short list of university-approved "general education" courses
in areas like Humanities, Social Sciences, etc. My department
is currently designing a new introductory linguistics course with
the hope of getting that course added to the list of approved gen ed

 Since most members of the relevant committees are likely
not to know much about linguistics, it would be useful to have
information about schools where a linguistics course can be used
to fulfil this sort of university general education requirement:
If your school has a course of this type, it would be useful to know
the course title, the area in which it counts for gen ed credit, and
the approximate enrollment.

 If you have a few more minutes more to spend on this, it would
also be useful for me to know: (a) what topics your course covers and
(b) what textbook(s) and other materials it uses. (If uploading your
course outline is as easy as writing answers to these questions, I
would be very pleased to get it.)
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Message 2: Metonymy and Discourse

Date: Wed, 16 Mar 94 10:23:34 CEMetonymy and Discourse
From: Adam Karpinski <KADAMPLTUMK11.bitnet>
Subject: Metonymy and Discourse

 I'm interested in metonymies and discourse analysis. Currently, I'm about
to start a small-scale project in DA on psycholinguistic evidence for pivot vs.
foreground vs background distinction, following Mary S. Erlbaugh's paper "Psy-
cholinguistic evidence for foregrounding and backgrounding" in Tomlin, R.S.(ed)
1987. "Coherence and grounding in discourse". John Benjamins.

I would be happy to find some fellow-souls interested in similar topics ("cog-
nitive" in general; I hope it's not a curse word here). Thanking in advance.

Please, answer to:
Adam Karpinski
Department of English, UMK
ul. Fosa Staromiejska 3
phone/fax: 48 56 277-10
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