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Mon 09 May 1994

Qs: Graduate programs, Metaphor, Turkic writing systems, Bridge

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  1. , Q: graduate programs
  2. Lynn Lesueur, metaphor
  3. "STEVE SEEGMILLER", Query: Turkic Writing Systems
  4. Mike Hammond, bridge language

Message 1: Q: graduate programs

Date: Fri, 6 May 1994 14:39:39 -Q: graduate programs
From: <>
Subject: Q: graduate programs

I would like to find out about the following kinds of
graduate programs:

1. That prepare students for careers in publishing/editing.
2. That combine the study of English literature and linguistics.

If you know of any such programs, please let me know.

Patrick Farrell
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Message 2: metaphor

Date: Fri, 6 May 94 13:42:59 -04metaphor
From: Lynn Lesueur <>
Subject: metaphor

apologies, but the system ejected me in the middle of reading mail
received between noon yesterday, the 5th, and noon today. i was,
in fact, in the middle of something from berkeley which i was eager
to save, so if someone out there knows how to contact lakoff's lab,
please do so and repeat my request for any interesting literature
on metaphor comprehension since about 1988. anyone else who was kind
enough to respond to my request during the past 24 hours, forgive the
imposition, but kindly repeat your message at your convenience.
thanks again, and apologies.

L. Lynn LeSueur, Ph.D.
Neurology, MGH/Harvard

>Date: Tue, 3 May 94 17:55:38 -0400
>From: (Lynn Lesueur)>
>Subject: metaphor

>hello out there.
>has anyone been keeping up with the literature on cognitive research on
>metaphor comprehension? if so, what have you seen of interest in the
>past four years? please send along references.
L. Lynn LeSueur
MGH, Harvard Med School, Boston
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Message 3: Query: Turkic Writing Systems

Date: 7 May 94 20:40:00 EST
Subject: Query: Turkic Writing Systems

This message is being cross-posted to several lists. I apologize
to any list junkies who receive it more than once.

For a paper that a colleague and I are working on, I would
appreciate receiving any information on recent, current, or
projected changes in the writing systems of any Turkic languages.
I assume that this will involve only those languages spoken in
the former Soviet Union, but if anyone has information about
Turkic-speaking groups elsewhere, I would love to receive it.

The specific information that we are interested in is the

 1. What linguistic groups, regions, or political entities do
 you know of that have decided on or are considering a change
 in their writing systems? This might be the adoption of an
 entirely new alphabet (e.g. the replacement of the Cyrillic
 with the Latin alphabet) or simply a revision of the writing
 system already in use. We would like as many details as
 possible, including dates of the changes; the authority that
 is responsible for the change; the justifications that were
 offered, if any; published sources of information; and/or
 people who might have first-hand information on the topic.

 2. The phonological implications of the change, if any.
 What I mean by that is whether the people responsible for
 the alphabet revision or change have taken into account the
 relationship between the new writing system and the
 phonological system of the language, perhaps with an eye
 toward eliminating any mismatches found in the old system.
 Again, we would appreciate as many details as possible.

We already have information on several Turkic languages, but
would not mind duplication because different sources might
provide us with different perspectives. Furthermore, although
our paper will deal with just the Turkic languages, we would be
happy to receive information about any non-Turkic langauges as
well, since this is a topic of continuing interest.

Thank you in advance for your assistance. If you will reply to
me directly, I willl post a summary to the list.

Steve Seegmiller
Linguistics Department
Montclair State University
Upper Montclair, NJ 07043
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Message 4: bridge language

Date: Sun, 08 May 1994 17:17:45 bridge language
From: Mike Hammond <>
Subject: bridge language

Does anyone know if there's been any linguistic analysis done of bidding
in the card game "bridge"? (I had a very intriguing discussion of this
the other day.) I'd be happy to post a summary if anybody else's interested.

Mike Hammond
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