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Confs: SALT 4 Program

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  1. Conference on Semantics and Linguistic, SALT 4 Program

Message 1: SALT 4 Program

Date: Wed, 23 Mar 1994 13:17:48 SALT 4 Program
From: Conference on Semantics and Linguistic <>
Subject: SALT 4 Program

SALT 4 - Fourth Annual Conference on Semantics and Linguistic Theory

University of Rochester - Rochester, New York
May 6-8, 1994

Preliminary Program

Lander Auditorium, Hutchison Hall

Friday, May 6

9:00 Kai von Fintel, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
 `Against Semantic Partition'
9:45 Manfred Krifka, University of Texas at Austin
 `Semantics and Pragmatics of Weak and Strong Polarity Items'

11:00 David Beaver, University of Amsterdam
 `When Variables Don't Vary Enough: What Presupposition and
 Modality Tell You About Quantification'
11:45 Pauline Jacobson, Brown University
 `On Copular Connectivity'

2:00 Vaneeta Dayal, Rutgers University
 `Semantic Effects of Superiority Violations'
2:45 Viviane Deprez, Rutgers University
 `Questions with Floated Quantifiers'

4:00 Jo-wang Lin, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
 `Chinese Donkey Anaphora and its Implications'
4:45 Emmon Bach, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
 `The Meanings of Words'

Saturday, May 7

9:00 Emiel Krahmer and Reinhard Muskens, Institute for Language
 Technology and Artificial Intelligence, Tilburg University
 `Of Umbrellas and Bathrooms'
9:45 Robin Cooper, University of Edinburgh
 `What Kind of Information Structure Do Discourse
 Representation Structures Represent?'

11:00 Nicholas Asher and Pierre Sablayrolles, Paul Sabatier University
 `A Compositional Spatio-Temporal Semantics for French Motion
 Verbs and Spatial PPs'
11:45 Craige Roberts, Ohio State University
 `Temporal Adverbial Clauses in a Situation Semantics'

2:00 Mary Dalymple, Xerox Parc, Sam Mchombo, University of California,
 Makoto Kanazawa and Stanley Peters, Stanford University
 `What Do Reciprocals Mean?'
2:45 Sally McConnell-Ginet, Cornell University
 `On the Non-Optionality of Some Modifiers'

4:00 Paul Dekker, University of Amsterdam
 `Predicate Logic with Anaphora'
4:45 Matthias Paul, University of Edinburgh
 `Young Mozart and the Joking Woody Allen - The Syntax and
 Semantics of Proper Names'


Sunday, May 8

9:30 David Dowty, Ohio State University
 Negative Polarity/Concord and Monotonicity Logic

10:45 Jack Hoeksema, University of Groningen
 `Polarity Items and the Semantics of Verb Clusters'
11:30 William Ladusaw, University of California, Santa Cruz
 `Thetic and Categorical, Stage and Individual, Weak and
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