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Confs: Formal Approaches to Japanese Linguistics

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  1. , Formal Approaches to Japanese Linguistics

Message 1: Formal Approaches to Japanese Linguistics

Date: Mon, 21 Mar 94 10:13:40 ESFormal Approaches to Japanese Linguistics
From: <mkoizumiMIT.EDU>
Subject: Formal Approaches to Japanese Linguistics

 * Formal Approaches to Japanese Linguistics *
 * *
 * Massachusetts Institute of Technology *
 * *
 * May 13-15, 1994 *
 * *

<Preliminary Program>

Friday May 13 (Room 9-150)

9:45 Registration

10:15 Opening address

10:30 Recategorization of Anaphors in Japanese:
 Interaction between Japanese Anaphors and Contrastive Predicates
 Takako Aikawa (MIT)

11:10 Anti-superiority and Weak Crossover
 Shin Watanabe (University of Southern California)

11:50 Adjunction to Argument, Free Ride and the Minimalist Program
 Keun-Won Sohn (University of Connecticut)

 Lunch break

2:00 Small Clauses in NP: Stage/Individual-level Nouns
 Yoshio Endo (Yokohama National University)

2:40 On the Tense System of Japanese
 Akira Nakamura (University of California Los Angeles)


3:40 Deriving Paradoxical Flip-flop Change in Quantificational Force
 in Japanese
 Ruriko Kawashima (Cornell University)

4:20 Mo: Quantificational Evidence for a Non-Quantificational Analysis
 Chris Brockett (University of Washington)


5:30 Invited Talk
 Improper Adjunction
 Mamoru Saito (University of Connecticut)

Saturday May 14 (Room 6-120)

9:00 Breakfast

9:30 Syntactic Underspecification: A Minimalist Approach to Light Verbs
 Stanley Dubinsky (University of South Carolina)

10:10 Relativized Minimality, Superiority, and the Proper Binding Condition:
 A Unified Analysis
 Hisatsugu Kitahara (Harvard University)

10:50 Derivational Economy in Long Distance Scrambling
 Hiromu Sakai (University of California Irvine)


12:00 Invited Talk
 Unaccusative Mismatches and Resultatives
 Natsuko Tsujimura (Indiana University)

 Lunch break

2:30 Null Arguments in Japanese Children's Speech
 Mineharu Nakayama (The Ohio State University)

3:10 The Acquisition of Prenominal Modification in Japanese
 Tetsuya Sano (University of California Los Angeles)

3:50 Prosodic Information and Processing of Complex NPs in Japanese
 Jenifer J. Venditti (The Ohio State University)
 Hiroko Yamashita (The Ohio State University)


5:00 Invited Talk
 Relative Clauses and Related Matters
 Richard Kayne (City University of New York)

 Party! Ashdown House

Sunday May 15 (Room 6-120)

9:00 Breakfast

9:30 The Null Object Construction and the Sloppy Identity in Japanese
 Hajime Hoji (University of Southern California)

10:10 Negative Polarity and Movement
 Yasuhiko Kato (Sophia University and MIT)

10:50 On Association with Focus and Negation in Japanese
 Hiroshi Aoyagi (University of Southern California)


12:00 Nominative Objects: The Role of TP in Japanese
 Masatoshi Koizumi (MIT)

12:40 Scrambling and Relativized L-Relatedness
 Akira Kikuchi (Tohoku University)
 Masayuki Oishi (Tohoku Gakuin University)
 Noriaki Yusa (Miyagi Gakuin University)

1:20 "Object-to-Object Raising" in Japanese
 Hiroyuki Ura (MIT)


A1 Checking Theory and "Multiple-SPEC" Analysis of DP
 Norimi Kimura (Hirosaki University and MIT)

A2 Rightword Head Movment
 John Whitman (Cornell University)


FAJL will be held at MIT, May 13-15, 1994. In order to attend please complete
the registration form below. You may register at the door, or by mail. If you
choose to register by mail, send the complete form to:

 FAJL Program Committee
 c/o Masa Koizumi
 20D-219, MIT
 Cambridge, MA 02139 USA

Please make your check payable to MIT. Checks must be drawn on US funds.
Conference fees are as follows:

 Students Non-Students
 Pre-registration $10.00 $20.00
 At door $15.00 $30.00

Deadline for preregistration is May 1.


Boston Marriott Cambridge has set aside a block of rooms for a special rate of
$129, plus tax. This rate applies for single or double rooms. The hotel is
about a 10 minute walk from the conference. Reservation must be made before
April 21. To make a reservation, call 1-800-288-9290 or 617-494-6600. Please
indicate that you will be attending Formal Approaches to Japanese Linguistics
at MIT. Other nearby hotels: Howard Johnson (617-492-7777, shuttle bus service
may be available) Sg.$87, Tw.97; Irving House at Harvard (B&B, 617-547-4600,
a 10 minute walk from Harvard subway station) Sg.$38, Tw.$70.

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 FAJL Registration Form

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Payment enclosed: ______.____
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