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Date: Thu, 3 Mar 1994 13:15:19 +1300
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Gender and miscommunication references

I inadvertently omitted the following excellent critique of Tannen's book:

Freed, Alice, 1992. "We Understand Perfectly: A Critique of
Tannen's View of Cross-Sex Communication." In _Locating Power:
Proceedings of the 2nd Berkeley Women and Language Conference._
Vol 1. K. Hall, M. Bucholtz, and B. Moonwomon, Eds. The Berkeley
Women and Language Group. (Pp. 144-152), 1992.

After I posted the list of references I received the following additions
including some for those who read Dutch

Bodine, A. (1975), Sex Differentiation in Language, In: Language and Sex
(Thorne & Henley eds.), pp. 130-151, Rowley, Mass.: Nebury House.

Brouwer, D. e.a. (1978), Vrouwentaal en mannenpraat, Amsterdam: Van Gennep.

Boves, L e.a. (1982), Opvattingen van vrouwen en mannen over de spraak van
mannen en vrouwen,in: De Nieuwe Taalgids 75(1) p.1-23.

Eckert, Penelope and Sally McConnell-Ginet, 1992. "Think Practically
and Look Locally," _Annual Review of Anthropology_ 21:461-490.

Tannen, Deborah. (Ed) 1993. _Gender and Conversational
Interaction._ Oxford University Press.
Janet Holmes, Linguistics Department, Victoria University of Wellington, PO
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Message 2: Sum: More on negation in French and English

Date: Thu, 3 Mar 94 13:41 GMT
From: "Raf Salkie, University of Brighton, UK"RMS3VMS.BRIGHTON.AC.UK <RMS3VMS.BRIGHTON.AC.UK>
Subject: Sum: More on negation in French and English

A postscript to my previous summary on negation in French and English. There
is a good pedagogical treatment in :

J. Delisle, LA TRADUCTION RAISONEE. Ottawa, Les Presses de l'Universite
d'Ottowa, 1993. Available from: Gaetan morin editeur, 171, Boul de Mortagne,
Boucherville (Quebec), Canada, J4B 6G4, Tel: (514) 449 7886 or in Europe from
Tothemes diffusion, 26 avenue de l'Europe, 78140 Velisy, France. Tel: (+33) 1
34 63 33 33.

Delisle refers to the following articles by S. Pons-Ridler & G. Quillard:

Pedagogie de la negation. TTR, vol 5, no1, 1992, pp 113-143

Quelques aspects de la negation: comparaison de l'anglais et du francais. La
Revue canadienne des langues vivantes vol 47, no. 2, Jan 1991, pp. 327-340.

Stylistique comparee: la forme interro-negative en francais et en anglais. La
Linguistique, vol 27, fasc 1, 1991, pp. 111-118.

Thanks to P. Russell from Sherbrooke University for sending me this information.

I'll send in a summary on French corpora soon. I'm still waiting for some
promised information to arrive in the post.

Long live the List! Send in your money soon, folks.

Raphael Salkie,
The Language Centre,
University of Brighton,
Falmer, Brighton,
BN1 9PH England

Tel: (0273) 643335 (direct line); (0273) 643337 (Language Centre Office).
Fax: (0273) 690710
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